A&W Malaysia franchise owner KUB Malaysia Bhd has denied that it plans to close down its iconic 24-hour drive-through restaurant in Lorong Sultan, Petaling Jaya, following its decision to construct two office towers in its place.

Responding to public outcry on the impending closure of the restaurant in December, the company reassured that the restaurant and its current concept would be integrated into the design of the tower buildings known as KUB Tower.

“We are not closing down the A&W PJ Drive Thru for good.

“It is going to be revamped and will only be shut for the next three years to facilitate the construction of the KUB Tower project,” said a company spokesperson, who declined to be named.

She said that while the restaurant would be closed down from 2015 to 2018, the company had assured that restaurant’s new design would follow the iconic features of the old restaurant.

“The 24-hour drive-in concept will be maintained under the revamp to give customers the same feel they experience in the current restaurant.”

The spokesperson said while several A&W restaurants had been closed down as part of its business plans to achieve sustainable growth, KUB Malaysia intended to open new restaurants at strategic locations in the near future.

“We intend to open new restaurants soon as we have identified suitable locations,” she added.

Following reports by a local business daily, members of the public had expressed their frustration over the impending closure of the iconic restaurant in December.

A Facebook page “Save Iconic A&W” was set up barely hours after the report surfaced.

The administrator of the page posted: “We are trying to save this iconic and nostalgic A&W restaurant situated in Petaling Jaya. We know it’s not possible, but no harm in trying.”

Checks byThe Rakyat Postrevealed that the page had gathered 260 likes, within five hours of being set up.

The iconic restaurant, which opened in 1965, was famous as the filming location for many local movies in the 1970s and 1980s, the most famous beingGelorain 1970, starring the late legendary Tan Sri P.Ramlee.

It also quickly became a favourite gathering place for students, especially from the nearby Assunta and La Salle secondary schools.

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