“My tears were running the whole evening,” Hedy D’ Souza admits.

No one can fault her though. After all, her friends were on board the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down over Ukraine.

D’Souza, said her friends were also her neighbour’s family, which included two children, aged four and six.

The family, she said, were on the way to Indonesia for their summer holiday, one that they were apparently looking forward to.

“It’s so sad,” she toldThe Rakyat Post.

D’Souza, who lived in Malaysia and still has relatives here, however is not the only one.

Like Malaysia, the Netherlands, too, is mourning over MH17, the codeshared flight with KLM, the Dutch airline.

The mother of four, who is channel surfing and checking the latest news on the Internet, also revealed that Dutch families were rushing to the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to get news of their loved ones.

D’Souza said the families were taken to a special place at the airport for a conference.

The Dutch Prime Minister she said was also cutting short his holiday following the plane crash.

D’Souza who flies down to Malaysia every year on the same flight, however will still stick with MAS although she hopes they will change their route as soon as possible.

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