PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli has rubbished a report in an English daily that accused him of orchestrating fights during the recent party polls and is mulling legal action.

The Pandan Member of Parliament said this was not the first time the mainstream media had run a story without properly checking their sources because their intention was just to “attack”.

“I will check the story and consider suing theNew Straits Timesand any other newspapers that carried it,” he toldThe Rakyat Post.

Rafizi went on to deny knowing the accuser cited in the article.

The report in NST today quoted a party member and leader of a non-governmental organisation, Pandan Society Group, Ridzuan Muhammad, who claimed that Rafizi was behind the fights and chaos during the party polls.

Ridzuan urged party leaders to take action against him.

He alleged that Rafizi planned the fights and brawls that disrupted the party elections in Selangor.

He went on to claim that party leaders knew of Rafizi’s actions, but the latter remained immune to any disciplinary action.

Rafizi said that while he did not know Ridzuan, he believed that the individual was “planted” to attack certain leaders in PKR.

“This has happened so many times before with PAS and DAP, especially during their prolonged tussle with the Registrar of Societies (RoS).

“It is very easy to pay someone to claim to be a party member and to criticise a party leader.”

Commenting on the problematic party polls, Rafizi said “the party election committee has investigated all the cases and the culprits have been dealt with”.

PKR elections have been fraught with complications and arguments.

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