SEPANG, June 17:

Shop at anytime before departure or upon arrival at klia2 at the gateway@klia2.

The gateway@klia2, which is known as a mall-within-airport and opened on May 2, plans to be the first 24-hour shopping mall in the country.

gateway@klia2 manager Vincent Chong said it had a net rental space of over 350,000 square feet and about 80% of the space had been taken up.

He said there were more than 60 food and beverage outlets at the mall.

Chong gateway@klia2 planned to change the landscape of shopping experience by combining hospitality with shopping.

“There is also a supermarket and the prices of goods are the same as in other supermarkets in the Klang Valley.

“There also clothes, shoes and other retail outlets that a person can find at a normal shopping mall. The prices are the same as gateway@klia2 wants to attract people from the surrounding areas to shop at the mall.”

He said for the moment, the food and beverage outlets work round the clock while the retail outlets open at 6am and close at midnight.

“We are not simply letting any retail outlets open at the mall because we want to see how they can attract people.

“Just because a huge number of people go through gateway@klia2 does not mean that outlets that open there will be successful. Therefore, we are being very careful in picking the types of outlets to open at the mall.”

Vincent said parking would not be a problems as there 5,690 bays compared to 3,000 bays at the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal.

He said the mall wanted to make it a family experience when a passenger is dropped off at klia2.

Pointing out that more than 25 million are expected to pass through klia2 this year, he said he was confident that the mall would be a huge success.

He said on any given day about 60,000 people pass through the airport.

Vincent said the mall also boast two napping facilities, the Plaza Premium Lounge and Capsule, to cater for the passengers’ need.

“People getting off at the transportation hub, KLIA Express, buses and taxis, are being channelled through gateway@klia2 before they check in at the main terminal building.

“This maximum distance a person has to walk takes about five to six minutes.”

Given that there are over 60 food and beverage outlets at the mall, he said family and friends could spend some leisure time with their loved ones before checking in.

He said passengers are encouraged to arrive early at the airport to enjoy the facilities.

Admitting that the parking charges were a bit on the high side, he said they were looking into various ways of bringing it down.

Vincent said at the moment klia2 is a novelty and the mall is packed with families during weekends.

He said one the possibilities was to reduce the parking charges depending the amount of money that was spent by a family when shopping.

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