The Auditor-General’s Report has found that 1,602ha out of 4,154ha of cancelled Malay reserve lands have yet to be replaced by the Selangor District and Land Office.

Among the findings of the Second Series of the report, tabled in Parliament today, were that the lands, which were designated to the Malays, were given away to non-Malays.

Part of the information pertaining to the cancelled lands were unable to be determined as they were not supported by complete documentation and records, it said.

The Sepang district holds the highest hectarage of lands yet to be replaced, at 929ha followed by Kuala Langat at 413ha.

The Selangor state government responded that it was in the midst of replacing 1,150ha of cancelled lands, including lands in Hulu Selangor and Klang, in the future.

The report also found that the lands were occupied and cultivated without permission.

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