3D sketching is becoming one of this year’s biggest design trends, and now a marker billed as “the world’s first cold ink 3D pen” is set to hit the market.

CreoPopallows users to create three dimensional drawings at the push of a button, but instead of using melted plastic like existing 3D pens such asLixand3Doodler, it uses light-sensitive ink which is solidified via UV light.

The cordless invention can be used with a wide variety of inks including stretchable, magnetic and body inks suitable for temporary tattoo designing.

Glow-in-the-dark and fragranced inks are also compatible with the drawing tool.

The pen even works with inks capable of conducting electricity for scientific experiments and inks that change colour depending on their temperature.

As well as being potentially safer for children to use, one of the advantages of eschewing melted plastic techniques is that the pen is completely odourless.

CreoPophas yet to be officially launched, but fans can sign up for an early bird offer and the brand is set to launch a campaign on crowdfunding siteIndiegogoshortly.

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