Malay dailyUtusan Malaysiawas urged to apologise to the royal institution of Johor following its editorial column Awang Selamat yesterday which was deemed provocative.

Bukit Permai’s Barisan Nasional (BN) assemblyman Ali Mazat Salleh called for the apology to be made, saying that the article which came out bearing a picture of the sultan with the word“wajarkah”was inappropriate.

“This is why I demand that the newspaper apologise to the Johor royal institution. The way the article came out was a provocation.”

Ali said this while debating the tabling of the Johor Housing and Property Board Bill at the state legislative assembly sitting here.

Utusan Malaysia, via its editorial column Awang Selamat yesterday had questioned if the Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin was too weak that he had to table the enactment by giving absolute power to the Sultan.

Apart from that, Ali also voiced his disappointment that the media continued to criticise the enactment even after Mohamed Khaled had explained the matter in detail.

“It turns out last night, there were several media outlets which published comments made by leaders of other states, still criticising this issue.

“This enactment is being tabled because we hear what the people want.”

However, Ali took to congratulating Mohamed Khaled for not bowing to pressure.

“The media has been quick to publish irresponsible statements which can be deemed as defamatory and provocative, that paints the government and royal institution in a bad light.

“The statements also shook the peace and harmony of the rakyat who then thought the enactment will only court trouble.

“To outsiders, do not butt into our affairs and teach us how to run our state.”

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