After much criticism from various quarters, the Johor state legislative assembly today passed the Johor Housing and Property Board 2014 enactment.

The enactment was supported by 38 Barisan Nasional (BN) assemblymen, while 18 Opposition representatives were against it.

The bill was passed after it was debated by 8 assemblymen — 5 from BN and 3 from the Opposition.

It also saw 8 clauses being amended, involving 10 subsections.

Tabled by state Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Abd Latif Bandi, a vote was called by speaker Tan Sri Mohamad Aziz by a show of hands.

The amendments included the limitation or removal of the Sultan of Johor’s executive powers in the enactment.

Another amendment saw the Sultan no longer having the power to determine the allowances of board members.

The appointment of the board’s directors, which prior to this was subject to the approval of the Sultan, has been amended to the approval of the Sultan, on the advice of the Menteri Besar.

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