A downpour this afternoon caused massive flooding at the Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) Gombak campus.

Pictures of campus grounds and cars half-submerged in floodwaters were shared by its students on Twitter, with many attributing the poor drainage system in the area as the cause of the flooding.

Daily Traffic Report tweeted that at 3.45pm, several cars were submerged in the flash flood around the campus. (Keadaan terkinibanjirkilat di sekitarUIAGombak. Beberapa buah kenderaan ditenggelami air.)

Another Twitter user, @AfqhMstfa tweeted, “The drainage system at UIA is unsatisfactory. Please fix it.”

“The main gate can wait. Please fix the drainage system in UIA first. The flood is really bad,” @faruqmcgrath said, tagging UIA president Tan Sri Dr Rais Yatim in his tweet.

The students’ dormitories and university library were also reportedly affected, with @khaliqWM tweeting, “UIA is badly flooded. Water has entered rooms on the first floor already. What a pity… still exam period.

“Thank god the literature books at the UIA library are on the 4th floor. If it’s flooded, they won’t get wet. But the religious books are on the 1st floor. Save the books!” tweeted @DewiArmand.

UIA student Hidayah Kazman, who goes by the tweet handle @hidayatulkhoir, urged her fellow students to keep calm and continue studying for their exams.

“#UIABanjir #PrayForUIA Keep calm and continue study #lastpaper #final,” she tweeted.

“The flood in UIA looks really bad. I hope nobody got hurt or anything,” tweeted @yuffiesilver at 4.20pm.

Others were also concerned about snakes and insects in flood waters.

“Water has entered the dorm rooms? Please take care of yourselves, friends… worried about snakes and insects,” tweeted @AzidAzidee.

Netizens claimed flash floods had previously occurred at the campus during heavy rain, and urged the authorities to take immediate measures to resolve the problem.

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