Police in Lubbock, Texas are investigating a case of international identity theft operation involving Malaysian hackers and has so far released two warrants.

According to a report by Lubbock online, a Lubbock Police Department’s news release stated that detectives recovered forged credit cards, electronic goods and documents after raiding a 300-block residence at Rice Street, North Lubbock.

The report stated Lubbock police Sgt Jason Lewis as saying that two suspects were interviewed in connection with the case, but arrests had yet to be made.

“They have given statements and detectives will use those statements to further the investigation. There’s no telling what it will develop into,” said Lewis.

He added the operation was brought to detectives’ attention after a victim came forward with complaints.

He said that investigations were still ongoing with more arrests to be made.

It was found that hackers in Malaysia broke into credit card accounts of victims in the United States and added the Lubbock suspects to the accounts before sending them forged credit cards.

Lewis said the Lubbock suspects, using forged credit cards, purchased electronic goods that they then sent to the Malaysian hackers, who paid them.

According to the report, more than US$180,000 (RM576,000) worth of electronic goods had so far been verified as purchased with fraudulent credit cards.

“They (detectives) are trying to help one victim. They are trying to trace back to see where they are, how this started, how this person got their information,” Lewis was quoted as saying.

Police officials in Lubbock urged residents to take measures to protect their identity and credit, suggesting that residents request a free credit report from www.annualcreditreport.com.

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