A SHORT 33-second clip of a bunny eating raspberries has taken YouTube by storm, proving (although un-scientifically) that it does not take much to make a whole bunch of people happy.

The clip has garnered almost 10 million views ever since it was posted on YouTube on May 9 on Country Rock Station 92.9 – The Bull’s account.

It was originally published on the Tumblr account, anditslove.

In the short clip, a white-and-brown bunny named Luna can be seen getting its mouth red with juices from the raspberries it was eating.

The clip quickly became viral after it was posted, and it came to the attention of popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who found the cute bunny to be irresistible.

“This bunny just got served some raspberries and my Monday got a whole lot better,” tweeted DeGeneres with a link to the video.

On YouTube, comments on the clip were mostly about how cute the bunny was, with a few funnier ones.

“Cute. It’s a shame they are so delicious with baked potatoes,” wrote a user called febbra2.

“I suddenly am thinking of a succulent roasted rabbit with, a bourbon and raspberry glaze. Served with roasted carrots, and nice glass of Chard(onnay),” wrote another user, Jimi Bagadonuts.

This is not the first time that a clip of an animal eating has captured the attention of YouTube users.

In 2012, a clip of a baby turtle eating a raspberry garnered almost 900,000 views.

Watch Luna the bunny eating raspberries here:

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