The signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is akin to signing away Malaysia’s sovereignty.

Although United States (US) President Barack Obama is not here to sign the agreement, he could get a political commitment from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia treasurer A. Sivarajan said once a political commitment was given, the Malaysian government cannot go back on its word.

He said Najib had the unique opportunity to inform Obama that Malaysia does not want to sign the agreement.

He pointed out this has been compounded by the fact that the US Congress had not approved it and the agreements reached by the negotiators can be reversed.

He was speaking before the start of the flash mob protesting against the TPPA.

About 40 people took part in the event which lasted just over an hour before it was interrupted by rain.

The speakers at the flash mob were forced to take cover under the Sogo Complex canopy for about 20 minutes, where they continued giving their speeches.

Sivarajan said even if the government signed the TPPA in the near future they would take their protest to Parliament to ensure it was not simply endorsed by Members of Parliament (MPs).

“Obama was initially supposed to visit (Malaysia) in October to discuss the TPPA, but due to the government shutdown in the US, he could not do so.

“International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mustapha Mohamad had admitted then that Obama was coming over to discuss the TPPA.”

He added that a grouping of non-governmental organisations (NGO) would be holding a protest march to the US embassy tomorrow at 10am.

He said all the NGOs attending the protest march would be signing a memorandum protest before handing it over to the embassy.

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