By Michael Murty

KAJANG, March 22:

The Kajang Mawar Haemodialysis Centre has sought the help of former Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai to expedite its approval. The centre has not been able to obtain zoning approval for more than a year despite setting up its premises.

MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai visited the centre and called upon Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, who later joined him at the centre, to help speed up the approval process.

Dr Subramaniam said there were conditions to be met before the ministry could approve the application to ensure the centre provided a high standard of service.

“The conditions are — there must be a haemodialysis qualified doctor (with at least 200 hours of training), or a nephrologist (specialist) present for reference, and there must be a post-basic nephrology qualified nurse (one nurse for every 6 machines).

“Additionally, the authorities must ensure that there is no stiff competition faced between haemodialysis centres close by, which is why zoning applications are strict.

“I have already asked the centre’s management if it has already decided on a doctor and nurse.

“The centre’s management has to furnish my ministry with all the necessary information so we can speed up the approval,” he said, after visiting the centre at Sungai Chua here.

Liow has requested the health minister to help expedite the centre’s approval.

“The centre has already been ready for a year and should not be delayed any further as there are many patients waiting for treatment here, who otherwise have to travel all the way to Serdang.

“I hope the ministry will look into this without further delay.”

The centre’s administration head, A. Kartigayan, said it cost about RM1.2 million, inclusive of the machines, which would be installed upon approval.

He said the centre had been battling rejections for its zoning for about a year and this had stopped them from opening.

He toldThe Rakyat Postthat as a non-governmental organisation, it did not have much funds to keep the staff on the payroll to get the approval.

Kartigayan said despite the building being ready, approval had been rejected with the reason that there were too many such centres in the area.

He said work on the centre, which would be able to treat 18 people a day, began when Liow was still the Health Minister, which was why he was asked to assist in the matter.

“The zoning application submitted on March 8, 2013 was rejected.

“We have since lodged 3 official appeals and the last feedback we received was in January.”

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