Perkasa is making illogical statements which don’t merit a response, United Chinese Schools Committees Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) chairman Dr Yap Sin Tian said.

He said there was no need to give credence to Perkasa’s statement on the United Examination Certificate (UEC).

Dr Yap was responding to a call by Perkasa Education Bureau chairman Prof Mohd Amir Sharifuddin to the government to stop giving aid to vernacular schools.

Dr Yap said: “If you were to meet someone on the street who is talking without merit or facts, there is no need to listen to them or heed their calls.”

Prof Mohd Amir had made the call in response to Dong Zong’s demand that the government recognise the UEC. The UEC examination, offered in Chinese secondary schools, is similar to the STPM examination.

“If the UEC is recognised, Perkasa would view the government as a destructive agent to national integration.

“The move will only spur the Chinese community to send their children to Chinese schools until the highest level, where they would not mix with children of other races,” Prof Mohd Amir said in a statement.

Describing Dong Zong’s call as a “charade”, Amir said whenever an election was around the corner, the movement would make all kinds of demands.

“Perkasa urges the government to be stern on the issue of building racial integration from the school level.”

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