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PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 2016 3:54pm

More than 100 live whales wash ashore on Tamil Nadu coast



Some 100 short-finned pilot whales have washed ashore in Tiruchendur region in Tamil Nadu since the evening of Jan 11, 2016. — Screenshot from YouTube video

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TUTICORIN, Jan 12, 2016:

Several small whales (short-finned pilot whales) have washed ashore in Tiruchendur in Tamil Nadu since Monday evening. By Tuesday morning, more than 100 whales were found on the 16km stretch from Alanthalai to Kallamozhi coastal hamlets, reported the Times of India (TOI).

Around 20 whales were feared dead while others were battling for their lives. Local fishermen were trying to save the whales by pulling them back to the sea.

“The whales started reaching the shore in groups around 5pm. It is very strange. In 1973 when we were boys, we witnessed same phenomenon. However, not these many washed ashore then,” said Rajan, a fishermen in Manapad was quoted in the TOI report.

Ditto Mascarenhas of Kulasekarapattinam said if local fishermen had not kept a vigil, many whales would have died.

The fishermen remained awake the whole night to keep the whales in water by pulling them back to the sea.

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