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PUBLISHED: Jun 27, 2014 7:00am

Girl commits suicide over Facebook harassment



The victim, a student of a top south Kolkata school, left behind a six-page suicide note following the cyber bullying, which forms the basis of the police case.

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KOLKATA,, June 27:

Cyber bullying has taken the life of yet another young person. A 17-year-old schoolgirl committed suicide on Tuesday night after one of her friends uploaded a morphed picture of her on a social networking site.

The victim, a student of a top south Kolkata school, left behind a six-page suicide note, which forms the basis of the police case, according to the Times of India.

Her Internet pal Faisal Imam Khan — a 23-year-old college student and resident of Behala’s Upen Banerjee Road — has been arrested.

According to the report, two of his associates, Deepak Gupta and Satish Shah, have been nabbed for abetting the crime.

Police officers investigating the crime looked shaken. “If only she had come to us before taking such a step,” said an officer.

Police sources said the girl befriended Faisal on a social networking site a few months ago and the two quickly became close friends. But for some reason, the teenager started having second thoughts.

“During interrogation, Deepak said that the girl began avoiding him sometime ago. Faisal then decided to take revenge by defaming her in public.

“He roped in Deepak and Satish and the trio created a bogus profile of the girl. They morphed her photographs and posted them along with the girl’s handphone number, saying she was ‘seeking friends’ and was ‘open to relationships’.

“When obscene calls started coming on her phone, she realised she was trapped. Finding no way out, she took her own life,” said an investigator.

Faisal first posted the morphed pictures on his own profile before creating a fake one in the girl’s name, said police.

The girl hanged herself from an iron beam by using a dupatta, said a police spokesman. Her parents found the body at 8.30pm on Tuesday. “In her suicide note, she alleges that she was forced to kill herself after being defamed on the social networking site.”

Police said youngsters — especially teens — had a lot to learn from the painful incident. They pleaded with all victims of cyber bullying to contact the local police station and the cyber cell of Lalbazar.

“We will provide them with all legal help, psychological counselling and get the fake profiles deleted,” said a police spokesman.

The victim’s sister, who did most of the talking for the family with police, refused to talk to the media, but said that the girl had told them about her predicament a few days ago.

News of the girl’s suicide came on the same day that an auto company executive accused her Human Resources manager of stalking her.

“The accused, Subhodeep Das, used to pass derogatory comments, stalked her and made sexually loaded comments. We have arrested him and have filed a case,” a police spokesman was quoted as having said.



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