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PUBLISHED: Dec 23, 2015 7:56pm

Hero commended for brave rescue

screengrab from Sukan Star TV fb

Akmal Hakim

Screengrabs of the video showing the man rescuing a woman from the submerged car in the incident that took place at Stulang Laut waterfront in Johor Baru.. — Screenshots of video on

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KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 23, 2015:

Netizens have commended the actions of a man for rescuing a woman trapped inside a car that had crashed into the sea.

In a video posted by Sukan Star TV on its Facebook page, the shirtless man can be seen swimming to the aid of the woman, who had supposedly driven the car —  a Toyota Vios —into the sea.

The 1-minute video shows the man carrying the woman, who appeared to be still be in shock from the accident, to shore.

The video shows two other individuals in the water as well as other bystanders along the beach helping in the woman’s rescue.

According the posting, the incident apparently occurred yesterday at the Stulang Laut waterfront in Johor Baru.

The video, posted earlier today, has received 568,056 views, 8,477 likes and almost 4,856 shares.

Facebook user Teh Hanie commented: “Syabas kepada pemuda yg menyelamatkan mangsa kejadian trsebut! (Well done to the man who saved the victim).”

“It was very brave of the man to risk his life for a total stranger, although it looked like the water wasn’t too deep but anything can happen,” said user Kalami Sahidan.

Another user, Muhammad Fami, also praised the actions of the man in the video: “Maka brputiklah cinta antara amoi dan brader itu. Tahniah bro lu mmg hero (So begins the relations between the man and the woman. Congratulations brother, you are a true hero).”




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