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PUBLISHED: Nov 28, 2015 11:22am

Another ‘Star Wars’ prank catches public off guard


A Azim Idris

Screenshot of several mysteriously cloaked men roaming Nu Sentral mall in Brickfields to enact dramatic scenes typical of a 'Star Wars' episode. — Pic credit Youtube Channel

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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28, 2015:

The Star Wars fever has shifted into full swing after another video of a prank depicting the use of the “force” went viral yesterday.

Following the emergence of the ”Star Wars ‘The Force’ Prank” which gained thousands of views on video-streaming website YouTube, social experiment channel also released a similar footage to add on to the momentum of the science fiction craze.

In vein of the earlier footage, which emerged on Aboi TV’s Facebook page, several mysteriously-cloaked men roamed Nu Sentral mall in Brickfields to enact dramatic scenes typical of a Star Wars episode.

The enactment also caught onlookers completely off guard.

The clip, which lasted  three minutes, showcased the cloaked men roving around the mall stoically before unleashing the fury of “telekinetic powers” which sent co-actors stumbling to the floor.

The footage, entitled ”Using the Force on Black Friday” appeared to have been sponsored by Maybank, which offered a chance to win a Star Wars-themed trip to London in a contest shown on a separate link.

The video also gained nearly 75,000 views on YouTube as at press time.

In the earlier clip, a man in a hood could be seen using his apparent “supernatural powers” to push and shove supposedly random people to the ground with just the wave of his hand.

The video showed the Jedi master walking around crowded malls and “force push” anyone in his way.

Many bystanders seemed confused and baffled at what had transpired.

One bystander was  seen running helter skelter after seeing people around him falling with a domino-like effect and another  man stumbling down a flight of stairs.



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