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PUBLISHED: Apr 27, 2015 7:23pm • UPDATED: Apr 28, 2015 07:04pm

Captain America ‘patrolling’ Johor Baru goes viral



Pictures have gone viral of Kimberly Lee Tan, 46, who is from the Philippines, after he spent the entire day yesterday, donned in his Captain America costume, riding his Ducati Monster motorcycle around Johor Baru city. — Pic from DUCATI JOHOR Facebook page

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KUALA LUMPUR, April 27, 2015:

For some of us, living the life of a comic superhero is only a childhood dream.

But for 46-year-old Kimberly Lee Tan, he took his childhood dream a step further by donning his favourite superhero costume.

However, unlike the comic superhero, he was not battling the bad guys.

Tan, from the Philippines, spent the entire day yesterday, donned in his Captain America costume, riding his Ducati Monster motorcycle around Johor Baru city.

Many Johor Baru residents noticed Tan on his black motorcycle, complete with Captain America’s signature “stars and stripes” shield around the city area.

His exploits somehow turned viral on Facebook as many Malaysians had started sharing his images at traffic lights and also around the city today.

“It was a fun Sunday for me. Initially, I just wanted to service and check my motorcycle at the workshop.

“And I figured that it would be cool to don my Captain America costume as many of my friends had also dared me to do so,” he told The Rakyat Post when contacted today.

Tan, a fitness instructor and proprietor of a fitness centre in Johor Baru, said that he did not expect his actions to be a big thing.

“For me, it was just having fun,” he said.

Tan, who had been approached by many people due to his antics yesterday, said he started donning the costume last Thursday (April 23) during the midnight movie for The Avengers screening at the City Square cineplex in Johor Baru.

He said this was for a dare by his fitness centre members and he took up the challenge with fun intended.

“At first people were looking at me all funny as I had the complete Captain America costume on,” said Tan, adding that many children approached him for photos.

Later, his wife suggested that he spend the entire Sunday donning the costume and riding his motorcycle.

Tan, who is a big fan of The Avengers, said he choose Captain America as he was among one of the characters in The Avengers who was humble and realistic in his powers.

“Of course, I also like the way he talks in the movie,” he said.

Tan said he spent about RM1,200 for the costume which was ordered through a costume shop in Johor Baru.

The winged helmet was customised for RM1,300, while the shield was a special order at RM600.



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