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PUBLISHED: Jan 6, 2017 10:23pm

2 sponsors secured for Kelantan FA


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KOTA BHARU, 6 Jan 2017:

Kelantan will be in action in the Malaysian League this season after securing sponsorships from two companies, RedONE and Al Hamra Group.

Kelantan Football Association (KAFA) secretary-general Datuk Ismail Md Noor said the decision to remain in the league was made after two companies agreed to be the main sponsors of The Red Warriors this season.

“Today, we (KAFA) will be registering 23 players including one import player with the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to affirm Kelantan’s participation.”

RedONE is a telecommunications company while Al Hamra Group is an agricultural and plantation company.

Also present at the media conference was RedONE chairman and Al Hamra Group president Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

Annuar said his companies made the decision to be the main sponsors to enable Kelantan’s presence in the competition this season.

“Initially, a sum of RM3 million is provided as an assurance to enable Kelantan proceed with the team’s preparation.

“We will also sponsor three import players, one from Asia and two from Europe and we will be responsible for their management.”

He said the decision was made after discussions with KAFA on the fate and challenges faced by the association last night.

“I agree to be the sponsor, but not to return as KAFA president as I want to see Kelantan compete.”

Earlier, the media had reported KAFA was considering withdrawing from the Malaysia League due to critical financial difficulties.



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