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PUBLISHED: Feb 13, 2016 2:52pm

Deadpool fans furious with ‘Shan from Klang’


Farah Harith

Following the release of the action movie Deadpool in cinemas, Shan from Klang wrote to a local newspaper, asking for the foul language in the movie to be censored. — Pic credit 20th Century Fox, (inset) The Star

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KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 13, 2016:

A certain Shan from Klang has become the subject of much argument and derision on Twitter for the past few days.

Following the release of the action movie Deadpool in cinemas, Shan wrote to a local newspaper, asking for the foul language in the movie to be censored.

“Saw the film Deadpool yesterday and it was full of vulgar and foul language.

“Is the Malaysian Censor Board doing its job? Can’t the “F” word be muted? Otherwise ban the movie immediately,” Shan from Klang was quoted as saying in his letter to local daily The Star, published on Feb 11, according to a screenshot of his comment currently making its rounds on social media.

This drew the ire of many who pointed out to Shan that this was not Frozen, the Disney cartoon.

The movie has also been given an 18 and above rating by the Film Censorship Board (LPF).

Deadpool didn’t come from Disney. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. F*** you, Shan,” wrote Twitter user @Dzullskandar_

Another user @iszahamsukor wrote, “Hey Shan, about 84 F-word in #Deadpool. Just for fun, here’s another one just for you, ‘Shan from Klang, f*** YOU’.”

“LOL! #Deadpool is banned in China! Guess there’s lots of “Shan from Klang” there!” wrote user @WaLauWei in sharing an article of the movie from

Deadpool is not for kids and Shan, from Klang,” wrote @dyanna299.

“Instead of banning the Deadpool movie, we should instead ban Shan from Klang from entering cinemas,” wrote @MuhaiminZ.

Tweeting in the same tone as the ‘Be Like Bill’ internet craze, user @luqmanyamin wrote, “Shan doesn’t want everyone to be happy. He wants to ruin Deadpool for everyone. Shan is stupid. F*** Shan!”

“Shan went to watch Deadpool expecting to see Barney the purple dinosaur,” wrote user @anthraxxxx.

“The dude name “Shan” must not know anything about Deadpool. What’s the fun in Deadpool if curse words are censored dohhh. Haiyaaaaa typical!” wrote @amiirulgapoor.

“I haven’t watched Deadpool yet. And if my session got censored. Shan is going to have sleepless nights,” wrote @Kozilekk.

Meanwhile, a survey at a cinema in Petaling Jaya yesterday saw that there were parents who did not heed the 18 and above rating given to Deadpool.

Some still brought along their children, including a baby.

When this was pointed out to a member of the staff at the cinema, he acted surprised that there were children who had entered the 11.10pm Deadpool screening.

He asked if the children were babies, because according to him, ‘babies takpa’. (Babies are okay).

When informed that there were children around the ages of 7 to 8, he said he would look into it.

It is unclear if the parents with children were instructed to leave the cinema as upon observation, they remained watching the movie.



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