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PUBLISHED: Feb 5, 2016 8:07pm

Akim weds Stacy, and falls in love all over again with his bride


Sandra Sokial

Newlyweds Akim and Stacy, showing off their wedding bands after tying the knot in a simple closed-door reception in Kota Kinabalu today. — TRP pic by Sandra Sokial

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KOTA KINABALU, Feb 5, 2016:

Not even the fluffy cushion could contain Afiq Hakim Ahmad’s nerve, as he sat in the middle of a ballroom here, as he waited for his bride to walk in.

Memories from their six-year courtship came flashing, making the 25-year-old groom even more nervous, as he admitted that he could even hear his own heartbeat.

Moments later, his eyes lit up as he watched his bride Ummu Syaikhah Stacy Anam, or Stacy, walk into the hall, accompanied by her mother, Agnes Kaloos.

“This is the second time I’m seeing Stacy in tudung (hijab). I was in awe. She just took my breath away, and I just fell in love with her all over again.

“But I was nervous to the max. Even when the Imam held my hand, it felt surreal. All memories of Stacy and me started flashing, and I tried so much to concentrate when reading out my lafaz,” said Akademi Fantasia celebrity Akim, as he is fondly known.

The newlyweds officially tied the knot after the second lafaz before Imam Matlee Dimin from the Sabah Islamic Affairs Department, at 10.15am today, with a dowry of RM300.

Stacy’s adopted daughter, Bella Valentina Deluna, was also seen in a white dress, to match the couple.

Planning to have offspring of their own, the couple has yet to decide on the numbers.

“My mother-in-law suggested four, while my father-in-law wants 12. I haven’t asked my parents yet.

“For us, children are gifts from God, we will accept them with open arms,” said Akim, with Stacy sitting close.

However, honeymoon would have to wait for the newlyweds as Akim is engaged with the ongoing Mentor Milenia, a reality show that focuses on discovering and developing a younger set of versatile entertainers from the 17 to 21 age group.

“We might go (for honeymoon) in March or April. We plan to go backpacking in Europe, nothing grand, because we want to create new memories together,” said Akim.

Stacy, the fifth child of six siblings, on the other hand said she was proud to be wedded to Akim.

“He is husband material. I believe he will be able to guide me in my new religion, and continue to accept me as I am, both my good and bad.”

The Akademi Fantasia 6 champion and Akim, who is also an alumni of the reality show, got engaged on Sept 26 last year, about a month after she embraced Islam.

Stacy’s siblings, Cherry and Camellus Delelli, or known as Chak, when met, said their sister’s conversion was never an issue in the family. We love her regardless.

“After all, she is the second person to convert in the family, after my brother. Plus we have many Muslim relatives.

“My wish is that Akim will take good care of my sister, and hope they will have an ever after bliss,” said Cherry, 32.



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