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PUBLISHED: Oct 4, 2015 8:39pm

2015 KL Tower base jump goes on as usual despite haze

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 Okt -- Peserta Aurelien Chatard France (kiri) dan Vincent Cotte France (kanan) membuat terjunan dari TH07 (kepala Menara 7) pada ketinggian 312 meter dari paras bumi sempena Kuala Lumpur Tower International Jump (KLTIJM) bermula jam 9.00 pagi hingga 6.00 petang. 
Acara ini bermula hari ini hingga Ahad ini. 

Source: Bernama Source:

On Friday, French participants Aurelien Chatard (left) and Vincent Cotte (right) jumped from a hight of 312 metres during the Kuala Lumpur Tower International Jump (KLTIJM). The event ended today. — Bernama pic

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KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4, 2015:

The 2015 Kuala Lumpur Tower International Base Jump (2015 KLTIJM) here proceeded as normal despite the very bad haze in the country.

Kuala Lumpur Tower chief executive officer Meor Shahril Anuar Ahmad Rathuan said the Base jumping experts monitored suitable wind movements and visibility before the participants made any jump.

“It also depended on the participants whether they were comfortable making a jump or not,” he said when contacted by Bernama, today.

Meor said to date, the participants did not experience any health problems due to the haze.

A total of 120 trained jumpers jumped from a crane stationed on the tower at a height of 312 metres. The event started on Friday and ended today.

The 2015 KLTIJM, which is into its 15th edition, showcased exciting actions by expert jumpers from around the world, including France, Denmark, Finland and Japan.

At 421 metres high, the Kuala Lumpur Tower is the seventh tallest telecommunication tower in the world and the highest in Southeast Asia.

The Base jump event was first held in conjunction with the anniversary of the Kuala Lumpur Tower on Oct 3, 1999.

Since then, it became an annual event at the tower and listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as the first BASE jump event in Malaysia.

In the meantime, Meor said the turnout of visitors to witness the event directly at the open deck of the tower this year was less compared with past years.

“Less than the targeted 300 visitors a day turned up to watch the jumps due to the haze.”



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