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PUBLISHED: Aug 24, 2015 12:04am

Picture in labour room triggers netizens’ outrage


Hazawani Ariffin

Part of the picture taken in the labour room. — Pic credit Facebook user Kak Long Di Sini

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KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23, 2015:

The picture of an alleged woman doctor taking a picture next to a woman giving birth to a baby in a labour room has gone viral in cyberspace.

In the picture, alleged to have been taken at a  government hospital in Johor Baru, the alleged trainee doctor is captured with her right hand in the woman’s private part. Her left hand is held up, with two fingers extended.

The picture was uploaded by a Facebook user Kak Long Di Sini who claimed to have received the picture from her friend who was enraged by the action of  the irresponsible doctor that had went against the profession’s etiquette, in addition to being insensitive.

What made the netizens even more furious was the fact that patient’s private part was also included in the “selfie” taken by the doctor, triggering comments of annoyance and valid concern about patient’s rights.

“How do you manage to study and become a doctor when you are so unprofessional. What an unwise action… insensitive!! Please teach this doctor about civic awareness,” said Facebook user E.G. Fazlica.

“The habit of taking selfie has tarnished her reputation. If I am not mistaken, she has vowed ‘I will respect my patients’ privacy and will not expose them’ to public particularly, in the situation involving life and death… disciplinary action should be taken against her,” commented a Facebook user Haryati How.

Social media users also urged the Health Ministry to take a serious stand regarding this issue and called for strict action to be taken against the doctor who had gone overboard.

However, a netizen viewed the picture with suspicion, saying there was no evidence this picture was taken in Malaysia and questioned the source of the original picture.

In a response on Facebook, Health Ministry director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the case was currently being investigated and vowed that action would be taken as soon as possible.

The picture, which has since gone viral in cyberspace, was shared more than 1,327 times and had earned 954 likes as well as 571 comments at press time.



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