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PUBLISHED: Jul 14, 2015 10:20pm

Low Yat Plaza workers disappointed with distorted news spread on social media


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To date 19 people have been detained to facilitate investigations following the Low Yat Plaza incident. — TRP pic by Daniel Chan

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KUALA LUMPUR, July 14, 2015:

What started as a phone theft in a store located in an information technology (IT) mall had been blown out of proportion on social media and has now raised much concern among the public.

A worker at the mall, who just wanted to be known as Ila, 27, said normally in the event of a theft, workers around the premises, regardless of race, would come together to catch the suspects.

“On the day of the incident (Saturday), a worker from a nearby shop was only helping to detain the suspect after someone shouted ‘thief’. When it happened, the Malay, Chinese and Indian workers came out to help detain the suspect.

“But on social media, a video clip on the incident showed a Malay man being attacked by a group of Chinese men. At that time, most of the Malay workers were away to break their fast, leaving many of the Chinese workers to man the shops,” she told Bernama here today.

Disappointed with the bizarre stories spread on social media which had affected business at the plaza, Ila said, “People out there probably do not know what really happened, but they reacted and commented on the issue as if they were here.”

She added that customers should report to the management, if they were   unhappy and think they have been cheated into buying counterfeit goods.

Another worker, who only wanted to be known as Vincent, 24, agreed that there was a mutual understanding among workers at the Plaza in the event of a theft.

“Whoever is nearby would help to nab the thief,” he said.

For another worker, who only wished to be known as William, in his 30s, he is now worried to be seen in his formal Low Yat Plaza outfit, but he would be fined RM200 a day if he goes against the rule.

Last Saturday, a fight ensued in Low Yat Plaza after a youth was dissatisfied when he was allegedly accused of stealing a mobile phone.

Security guards handed him over to the police. Subsequently a friend of the accused contacted several friends who later came to beat up a worker at the store, and in the process damaged the store with losses estimated at RM70,000.

So far police have arrested 19 individuals believed to be linked to the brawl and theft at Low Yat Plaza.



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