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PUBLISHED: Jul 12, 2015 7:00am

Traditional bahulu still a hit as Hari Raya nears


Zalinah Noordin

Norhana Mohd Noor arranging the traditional 'kuih bahulu' made from a recipe handed down by her mother at her shop in Mengkuang Titi, Bukit Mertajam. — TRP pic by Zalinah Noordin

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BUKIT MERTAJAM, July 12, 2015:

Orders have been pouring in endlessly for Norhana Mohd Noor’s kuih bahulu, hitting 30,000 pieces of the favourite Malay kuih over the past few weeks, as Hari Raya approaches.

When met recently, Norhana, 42, said she expected the orders to increase as Ramadan draws closer to an end.

For the past 20 years, during Ramadan, Norhana has been taking orders for her famous kuih bahulu, a recipe handed down from her mother.

“It was during my mother’s time that orders would come in each time Hari Raya was around the corner. With just RM12 at that time, she made bahulu for sale and slowly it grew into a profitable home business.

“She used to make kuih bahulu from her kitchen using a charcoal stove, but now we have expanded and use machines, but the recipe remains the same,” she said when met at her shop, Zana Bahulu, in Mengkuang Titi here.

So famous is her mother’s kuih bahulu that she has customers who were children of her mother’s older customers coming from out of state just to buy the kuih at her shop.

“Every year, they will drop by and sometimes they will call in advance to place orders.

“We have walk-in customers, too, but most of the time our customers are regulars,” said Norhana.

She revealed that the secret to a light and fluffy bahulu was in the mixing process.

“This is the most tedious part as you have to make sure that the ingredients are beaten to the right consistency to achieve the right texture.

“Another specialty of our kuih bahulu is that it is baked fresh daily with no preservatives. If stored well, it can be kept up to a few weeks,” said Norhana.

To make 30,000 pieces of kuih bahulu, some 2,000 eggs are used with two sacks of flour and five sacks of sugar mixed in three huge mixers and baked in six ovens.

“We also supply our kuih bahulu to traders.”

Her shop is now being run by her and her husband, with family members helping out in the kitchen, from mixing to baking to packaging the end product.

Priced at RM9 per box of 30 pieces, Zana Bahulu also makes strawberry, chocolate as well as pineapple-flavoured kuih bahulu, depending on the orders.



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