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PUBLISHED: Jun 26, 2015 4:23pm

‘Sothinathan’s statement reeks of desperation’


Nawar Firdaws

Former MIC treasurer-general Datuk Ramanan Ramakrishan says an official reply to the MIC clearly acknowledged Datuk Seri G. Palanivel and Datuk S. Sothinathan, were not members any more for breaching article 91 of the constitution. — TRP file pic

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With MIC’s leadership tussle appearing to end, the only thing impending is the removal of Datuk Seri G. Palanivel’s ministerial position, says the party’s former treasurer-general.

Datuk Ramanan Ramakrishnan, in a statement, said this following news the MIC president was stripped off his membership and post held.

This, he argued, meant the Cameron Highlands lawmaker was now an independent Member of Parliament.

Yesterday, one camp in the Indian-based party claimed a letter by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) clarified that Palanivel ceased to be a member “ipso-facto” (by that very act) when he breached article 91 of the MIC constitution.

However, former MIC veep Datuk S. Sothinathan later claimed that RoS has not made such a decision.

“This statement by Sothinathan reeks of desperation by a delusional individual who is clutching at straws now that all legal avenues have been shut on their faces,” says Ramanan

The RoS, Ramanan insisted, had in an official reply to the MIC clearly acknowledged these five individuals, including Palanivel and Sothinathan, were not members any more for breaching article 91 of the constitution.

RoS, he added, even officially updated their registry by removing the names of these five individuals from its list of official MIC members.

“With and with this, all ties between MIC and these five individuals are now officially severed.”

He responded to Palanivel who claimed he has yet to receive clarification by RoS, saying that the word “ipso-facto” was sufficient to deliver such a message.

The courts, Ramanan reminded, also ruled that Palanivel did not have any case against the RoS as they have never at any point overstepped their legal boundaries or powers.

“Let it be known that this sole organisation is officially responsible for interpreting and ensuring that all registered political parties in the country, which also includes the opposition parties, strictly adhere to what is stated in their individual constitutions as per collectively endorsed by their members.”

Ramanan added it was high time for MIC to move forward and carry on with its plan for a party election next month, to be overseen by the RoS decided 2009 interim Central Working Committee.

“Let’s not waste time debating over this frivolous matter as the community and general public are in need of our full attention and services.”



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