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PUBLISHED: Jun 16, 2015 6:30pm

Dissolution of Pakatan Rakyat not the end but a new beginning, says Lim Kit Siang


Han Kar Kay

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang agrees on PAS' Parit Buntar MP Datuk Mujahid Yusuf Rawa's statement who likened the current political scenario to a 'rebirth'. — TRP pic by Kenneth Wan

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KUALA LUMPUR, June 16, 2015:

In the wake of the shocking declaration by DAP that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has ceased to exist, DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang urged Malaysians to move forward as the primary challenge that lay in front was rekindling hopes of Malaysians through realignment of political forces.

“Let us move on, as there is no time to lose on polemics because what is relevant in the 14th general election is the alignment of political forces, even if there is no more PR.

“The declaration by DAP that Pakatan no longer exists is not an act of defeatism rather, we are recognising the reality that the future is buoyed by hope and confidence,” he said in a media statement here today.

Lim agreed on PAS’ Parit Buntar MP Datuk Mujahid Yusuf Rawa’s statement who likened the current political scenario to a “rebirth”.

Mujahid reportedly told the online portal Malaysiakini that “we need to die to reborn, to live anew”.

The Gelang Patah MP further explained that the concept explained by Mujahid reflected on DAP Central Executive Committee’s (CEC) declaration that PR has ceased to exist due to PAS’ muktamar motion to sever ties with DAP and repeated violation of the PR Common Policy Framework.

“Not only Malaysians want to see a political change but the people want a new political coalition based on principles and the people’s interests.”

Lim made the statement following DAP’s secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s announcement this morning that the DAP CEC had unanimously resolved that the coalition no longer exists.

Guan Eng said the coalition has ceased to exist as the alliance was formed by three parties based on consensus but PAS in its 61st Muktamar had killed off Pakatan Rakyat.



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