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PUBLISHED: Jun 5, 2015 5:07pm

Sabah earthquake prompts PAS to launch impromptu donation drive



A PAS Muslimat volunteer collecting donations from the delegates at the 61st PAS Muktamar here today. — TRP pic by Muhammad Azrol Ali

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KUALA SELANGOR, June 5, 2015:

PAS launched an impromptu donation drive for victims of the Sabah earthquake at the party’s muktamar today.

In just one hour, the party had raised RM19,800 from delegates.

The drive was announced by newly-elected deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, who had earlier conveyed his condolences to those affected by the 5.9 magnitude earthquake in East Malaysia.

The 7.15am incident caused tremors to shake parts of the state, including Kota Kinabalu, Tambunan and Kota Belud.

The earthquake caused much damage to roads, houses and stores in affected areas.

Right after the donation drive was announced, deputy permanent chairman Mamat Razali asked delegates to stand up.

“This way, it is easier to take the cash out of your pocket,” he joked, drawing laughter from the crowd



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