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PUBLISHED: Feb 25, 2015 6:11pm

Sorry Malaysia, documentary on MH370 will only be aired in UK


Sharifah Arfah

A screen grab of the Air Crash Investigation documentary on the tragic MH370 disappearance which can be downloaded on YouTube.

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KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25, 2015:

Malaysians will not have a chance of viewing the National Geographic documentary that will premier on March 8 to mark the first year anniversary of the flight’s disappearance.

Astro’s communication division, in their reply to The Rakyat Post, states that National Geographic has informed them that the documentary titled “Malaysian 370: What Happened?” will only be aired in the UK.

It is unclear whether the programme will ever be broadcasted in Malaysia.

According to Mirror Online, the upcoming documentary will dissect claims by aviation experts that the flight — carrying 227 passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing — was deliberately taken off course towards Antarctica.

These theories are said to be based on satellite data from the missing flight that apparently flew for hours after mysteriously disappearing off the radar.

Nearly a year after its disappearance, MH370 is now considered to be the most mysterious incident in modern aviation.

Meanwhile, to commemorate the fateful event, quite a number of documentaries and conspiracy theories have been aired through various channels including YouTube, that seem to capture audiences worldwide.

One such programme is the Air Crash Investigation series under the National Geographic banner.

Now in its 14th season, Air Crash Investigation uses re-enactments and computer-generated images to recap the events to its viewers.

Based on official documents and expert analysis of available evidence, a 45-minute documentary titled Malaysian Airlines MH370: What Happened to MH370? that was released recently seem to be trending on social media.

The short documentary chronicles the journey taken by MH370 and its disappearance as well as the search effort and the aftermath of the event.

Those interviewed include ABC News aviation analyst John Nance and former National Transportation Safety Board senior investigator Malcolm Brenner.

Previous documentaries dealing with the loss of MH370 include Flight 370: The Missing Links (Discovery Channel), Where is Flight MH370 (BBC Two) and Malaysia 370: The Plane That Vanished (Smithsonian Channel).

Link to Air Crash Investigation documentary is available on:



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