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PUBLISHED: Dec 14, 2014 7:00am

Revisiting Adlin and Juli, the other ‘wanted’ duo



Ali Abd Jalil posing with Adlin Abdul Jalil (with the blonde hair) and Juli Jalaludin, all of whom are in Sweden.

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KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 14, 2014:

Seeking political asylum in Sweden, it was revealed recently that Ali Abd Jalil has also taken to meeting up with two other Malaysians abroad who had once made headlines for their controversial behaviour in Malaysia.

Based on several Facebook postings made by one Juli Jalaludin, Ali had met up with her and Adlin Abdul Jalil and all three appear to stand together in their crusade to disparage certain aspects of life in Malaysia, be it the royal institution or Islam which is the official religion of the country.

Juli, or her full name Juli Sumardiati Mohd Jalaludin gained notoriety earlier this year when she was alleged to have created the Facebook page Murtads in Pantai Timur.

Based on an exclusive May 2014 interview with Malay daily Harian Metro, Juli is currently residing in Norway and working as a consultant in the oil and gas sector.

The 42-year-old woman was believed to have declared herself as an apostate and was actively blogging under the pseudonym Emilie de Strange, speaking about her journey in denouncing Islam as her religion.

Netizens who were angered by her insensitive postings previously had taken to digging up on her past to find out more about Juli, with an old newspaper article being shared of her being named the best SPM student in Terengganu with 7A1s and 2A2s.

Various police reports were lodged over the Murtads in Pantai Timur Facebook page at the time, with Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom saying that the Malaysian Islamic Development Department was working with the Home Ministry to handle the matter.

The cooperation between the two was hoped to ease the process of handling the issue considering the administrator of the page, believed to be Juli, was overseas, Jamil Khir had said.

The page has since been taken down. However there is no report yet whether any action had been initiated against Juli.

Meanwhile, Adlin caused Internet havoc years ago under the pseudonym Makcik Hajjah Sitt Al-Wuzara.

In Sept 2011, it was reported that authorities had identified the person behind the pseudonym and they were working with Interpol on the matter, as the individual was said to have been residing in Sweden.

Probe by netizens suggested that Adlin was responsible for posting insults on the monarchy as well as Islam using the pseudonym.

Last year, non-governmental organisation (NGO) Pertubuhan Martabat Jalinan Muhibbah Malaysia lodged a police report against Adlin after it was alleged she had posted a picture insulting Islam.

Since then, not much has been said about Adlin, with the attention shifted on Juli earlier this year for having gone down the same road Adlin had.

Checks on Adlin’s Facebook today found that she is still actively insulting Islam from Sweden.

On Dec 1, she posted the picture of a Swedish passport, claiming it to be hers, with the caption, “This is my new passport. Now I am both the citizens of Sweden and Malaysia.”

She added that since Malaysia did not allow dual citizenship, she dared Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the King, or Umno to strip her off her Malaysian citizenship.

She had also indicated that many had been asking her on how to migrate to Sweden.

Regarding him being seen with the two of them in Sweden, Ali said he was labelled as a ‘kafir, murtad and sesat’.

“I just took a picture with them and I was labelled kafir,” he said on his Facebook page.

In a selfie taken by the three of them, the caption read, “Berdating dengan lejen2 Malaysia’s most wanted.”

(Dating with Malaysian legends, most wanted.)

With the trail leading to Adlin and Juli seemingly having gone cold, it remains to be seen if revoking the passports of Ali and sex blogger, Alvin Tan would have any impact.

Lawyers for Liberty spokesperson Michelle Yesudas said there was no certainty that Ali or Tan would be granted political asylum based on precedence.

She said political asylum application cases were treated on an individual basis although the chances were high as they were not criminals seeking to avoid justice.

“Political asylum seekers should be left alone by the host country as they are exercising their human rights.

“They are protecting themselves from real fear of persecution and threat to their lives because of their beliefs.”

Teluk Intan assemblyman and lawyer Terence Naidu said their return would depend on the existence of any extradition treaty between Malaysia and the host country.

“The treaty will contain conditions under which a person can be extradited, which can vary from country to country.”

He added when political asylum was granted, it meant that the host country was willing to protect the person.

“Even Interpol will not be able to arrest and bring the person back to the country of origin,” he said, in reference to the “troll” by Ali who pranked that he was arrested by Interpol to be sent back to Malaysia.



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