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PUBLISHED: Dec 2, 2014 3:24pm

BN, PAS chastise ‘greedy’ DAP for wanting second deputy speaker’s post



Former state executive councillor Sallehin Mukhyi (PAS- Sabak) says there is no need for an additional post as the current Speaker, Hannah Yeoh (DAP-Subang Jaya) and newly elected deputy Speaker Mohd Shafie Ngah (PAS-Bangi) are sufficient to preside over state assembly sittings.

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SHAH ALAM, Dec 2, 2014:

DAP’s demand to be given a second Deputy Speaker’s post in the Selangor state assembly has earned the ire and criticism of several assemblymen from both sides of the divide.

State executive councilor Zaidy Abdul Talib (PAS-Taman Templer) expressed his shock over his fellow Pakatan Rakyat partner’s latest demand.

“However we will be discussing the matter further within the Pakatan Rakyat leadership,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the state assembly sitting, here, today.

Zaidy said while DAP might have their reasons for the party’s latest demand, other partners in the Opposition coalition were curious to find out as to why the issue had suddenly cropped up.

Former state executive councillor Sallehin Mukhyi (PAS-Sabak) said that there was no need for an additional post as the current Speaker, Hannah Yeoh (DAP-Subang Jaya) and newly elected deputy Speaker Mohd Shafie Ngah (PAS-Bangi) were sufficient to preside over state assembly sittings.

“Instead of wasting money to pay for another deputy Speaker, it is best to channel that money to the people.”

He added PAS did not demand for the deputy Speaker’s post earlier as it was given to the Islamist party to meet the 4:4:4 ratio among the three Pakatan parties on state administrative posts.

Sallehin said the party never discussed the matter with DAP and was satisfied with the decision made by the Selangor Menteri Besar on this matter so far.

“As such we do not agree wih DAP’s demand for a second deputy speaker’s post.”

Sallehin said in the end it was the service to the people that counted and not polemics on the post.

He said if DAP’s request was considered it might be interpreted as the latter being power crazy by the people.

Sallehin added although differences existed between Pakatan Rakyat parties and individuals, PAS would remain steadfast in their stance.

Selangor Opposition leader Datuk Shamsuddin Lias (Umno-Sungai Burong) condemned the move, saying that it showed DAP was greedy for power.

This, he said, was especially so when the speaker was a DAP member.

“I do not understand the situation here. When DAP lost the contest for the Deputy Speaker’s post via secret ballots last week, there was no motion to bring up a second deputy speaker’s post.”

Shamsuddin said this only showed disunity in the Pakatan Rakyat state government and its elected members.

Last week, Mohd Shafie was appointed deputy speaker of the Selangor state assembly following a secret vote count among state assemblymen during the state assembly sitting.

The decision was reached after both DAP and PAS had nominated Ng Suee Lim (DAP-Sekinchan) and Shafie as candidates during the nomination process in the state assembly.

From the 43 assemblymen who had voted, the PAS representative obtained 28 votes while Ng garnered 14 votes.



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