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PUBLISHED: Nov 12, 2014 10:36pm

Roof collapses at factory, killing worker

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Zaini Hardy

The worker was buried under the rubble of the factory after the roof collapsed at the Western Digital factory in Penang. — Pic credit Bayan Baru Fire and Rescue Department

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BAYAN BARU, Nov 12, 2014:

A Western Digital operator died after the roof of his factory collapsed in a freak accident this evening.

The incident, which occurred in Kampung Jawa at 6.45pm today, was reported to the Bayan Baru Fire and Rescue Department by a member of the public who was in the factory’s vicinity.

The department’s spokesperson told The Rakyat Post that the victim had been identified as Wan Nazari Wan Mokhtar, 48.

He said the man was buried under the rubble of the factory for 55 minutes before firemen pulled him out.

“We had to drill through the wreckage to get to him.

“Unfortunately, he had died under the rubble.

“There were no other victims trapped in the incident.”



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