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PUBLISHED: Nov 11, 2014 3:09pm

Razif claims Chong Wei using banned substance for a long time



Former national shuttler Razif Sidek alleges that many badminton officers within the Badminton Association Malaysia are aware that Datuk Lee Chong Wei has been using for a long time the banned substance. — AFP file pic

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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11, 2014:

Former national shuttler Razif Sidek claimed that world No. 1 Datuk Lee Chong Wei has been using for a long time the banned substance like the one he was reported to have tested positive for in the recent doping scandal.

Razif made this claim via Malay daily Kosmo! where he alleged that many badminton officers within the Badminton Association Malaysia (BAM) were aware of what Chong Wei was doing.

He also alleged that Chong Wei had hired a foreign doctor for that purpose.

However, Razif claimed that no one dared to say anything due to Chong Wei’s credibility as a world badminton champion.

“Before this, it was hard to say anything because there was no concrete proof. But now he is caught. I don’t want to make accusations, but this has been going on for a while,” Razif claimed.

“Senior players and officers knew about this. In fact, the junior players had gotten wind of it, but they realise that this athlete is a national hero.

“I was made to understand that he has been using this drug and had even hired a doctor to come here (Malaysia) just so he can use the banned substance.

“Haven’t I said it before (about Chong Wei being mixed up in the use of banned substance)? I am not one to make blind accusations. But this information has been made known by several individuals in the association,” Razif claimed, as quoted by Kosmo!

Meanwhile, national single’s badminton coach Rashid Sidek pledged full support to Chong Wei, offering to give a statement to the Badminton World Federation’s hearing committee panel.

Rashid is also confident of Chong Wei’s innocence because, according to him, the world No. 1 player has always stuck to the principle of there are no short cuts to success.

Chong Wei has been suspended temporarily after the B sample of his doping test came back positive for banned substance dexamethasone.

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