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PUBLISHED: Nov 5, 2014 7:00am

Move to preserve, develop Kadazandusun language


Sandra Sokial

Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan (centre) signing a plaque to mark the official launch of the Kadazandusun Language Undergraduate Programme, flanked Dr Noriati A Rashid (right), who was representing the rector of the Malaysia Teachers Institute, and Kent Teachers' Institute campus director Datuk Mary Teresa Kinajil.

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KOTA KINABALU, Nov 5, 2014:

In a bid to preserve and ensure the Kadazandusun language survives the modern era, a batch of teachers are being groomed to teach the subject to primary school pupils in the next four years.

Twenty trainee teachers make up the first batch to graduate with Bachelor Degrees in Education in the Kadazandusun language in 2017.

They are expected to be posted to primary schools the following year.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan in disclosing this after launching the Kadazandusun Language Undergraduate Programme here, yesterday, said the second batch of students would be completing the same course in Nov 2018 and were likely to start their teaching career in 2019.

Saying it would bring about a huge impact on educators and the Kadazandusun community, he said the programme signified the success in producing teachers with expertise in the Kadazandusun language.

“It is something that brings pride to the Kadazandusun community in Sabah which has endeavoured long and hard to ensure the continuity and longevity of their mother tongue.”

Urging more trainee teachers to sign up for the five-and-a-half year programme, Pairin said they would be trained on best approaches as well as teaching and learning techniques to further improve effectiveness in teaching and learning of the Kadazandusun language.

He said as competent teachers of the Kadazandusun language, they must master the contents in terms of linguistics as well as aspects related to history, culture and arts.

The teachers, Pairin said, must make the subject interesting and create a learning environment that was creative and innovative to sustain the heritage values of the Kadazandusun people.

“One day, we hope, the Kadazandusun language will become a subject that is studied by not just Kadazandusun pupils, but also by those from other racial backgrounds.”

He also stressed the need to write more books, for term adjustments, researches, discussions and seminars as part of the effort to further strengthen the Kadazandusun language so it would not only serve as a language of communication, but also achieve the status of a scientific language.

Additionally, he urged the trainee teachers to master the rhythm of traditional music to ensure its longevity.

Also present at the event were Dr Noriati A Rashid who was representing the rector of the Malaysia Teachers Institute, and Kent Teachers’ Institute campus director, Datuk Mary Teresa Kinajil.

Noriati, in her speech, said the programme would be offered at the Kent Teachers Institute initially and would later be offered to teacher trainees at the Keningau Teachers Institute this year.



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