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PUBLISHED: Jul 27, 2014 12:54pm

Baseless news was an act of revenge on Selangor Sultan, says Utusan Malaysia


Michael Murty

Stories that Selangor Raja Muda Tengku Amir Shah had converted to Catholicism was made up because his father the Sultan of Selangor had time and again defended Islam.

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Being courageous comes with a high price.

This, Utusan Malaysia claimed, was why the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah ‘s son, Selangor Raja Muda Tengku Amir Shah was subject of wild accusations made in a satirical news website.

“Awang Selamat” a pseudonym used by a group of Utusan Malaysia editors, said allegations that Tengku Amir was an apostate was an act of revenge because his father worked tirelessly to defend Islam in the state.

A website that publishes “fictitious” news, World Daily News Report, posted an article with the headline “Malaysia: Crown Prince converts to Catholicism, shocks Muslim world”.

The article claimed, that the prince had relinquished all his possessions and a chance to succeed to the throne of Selangor to marry a Spanish top model, Cristina Gomez.

Awang accused the article of causing an uproar.

“However people knew this baseless accusations was spread because the Sultan had defended Islam time and time again.

“The Sultan had always voiced out against any threats to Islam in the state and we believe he also knew the repercussions of his bravery will bring upon a response from certain quarters especially through social media. They are a victim of revenge.”

The Umno owned daily believed they knew the group that had a religious and political movement and wanted to vent their anger at the Sultan, who was seen as an obstacle towards their pluralistic belief.

Awang went on to suggested that this “group” needed be monitored by the authorities because they have become a threat to safety and peace.

The group, Awang claimed, were not afraid to take things to the extreme while also covering their tracks.

Awang went on to say that the defamatory article was also aimed at insulting the royal institution.

“Under that circumstance we believe it is essential that Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) trace the culprits and bring them to justice”.



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