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PUBLISHED: Jul 14, 2014 5:04pm

NGOs advised against moving on their own to Gaza


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Umno welfare bureau chairman Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim says the situation in Gaza is still turbulent and those intending to help the Palestnians should go there under one banner, in the Malaysian spirit, after careful planning. — AFP/Getty images file pic

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Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the country intending to assist Palestinians who have become victims of the cruelty of the Israeli military are advised not go to the country on their own.

Chairman of the Umno welfare bureau Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said the situation in that country at the moment was still turbulent. Thus, careful planning and the safety aspects must be emphasised before leaving for Gaza.

“The Umno welfare bureau hopes that all NGOs in the country wishing to go to Gaza would not act hastily, but would sit down together to discuss. We can create a secretariat and put aside political boundaries.

“As far as I know, no one has moved on their own, but there are individuals who have made announcements (to go).

“That’s why I propose that we sit down together to discuss and go there under one banner in the Malaysian spirit, not go under the name of the party, to assist the Palestinians who are suffering.”

He was speaking to reporters after taking orphans from Baling to buy clothes at a shopping centre here yesterday.

Abdul Azeez, who is also chairman of the 1Malaysia Putera Club, said he was preparing a humanitarian mission to Gaza with specialist doctors, volunteers and media personnel.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) has called on all parties in the Middle East conflict to refrain from attacking non-military sites, especially hospitals, schools and orphanages.

Its president, Dr H. Krishna Kumar, in a statement here today, said MMA strongly condemned any form of violence as most of those hurt and killed were the innocent, consisting mainly of the children and elderly.

“We also strongly condemn any violence against medical staff who are only out there to help the injured and maimed.

“We hope all warring parties listen to our voice as we represent the majority who are peaceful.”

Media reports said 172 Palestinians had been killed while 1,230 were wounded since Israel launched its “Operation Protective Edge” last Tuesday.



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