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PUBLISHED: May 10, 2014 2:48pm

GeoResonance adamant MH370 is in Bay of Bengal



GeoResonance Pty Lt managing director Pavel Kursa says the company's claim has unearthed numerous pseudo scientists in the form of media commentators.

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By Eileen Hee


Geological survey firm GeoResonance Pty Lt, based in Adelaide, said it hadn’t suffered any backlash from issuing its public claim to have found the wreckage of MH370 in the Bay of Bengal.

“We cannot judge about awareness that our business has created. What we know for sure is that our claim has unearthed numerous pseudo scientists in the form of media commentators,” said managing director Pavel Kursa.

He said GeoResonance had consulted its clients before approaching the media with the MH370 wreckage claim and its clients had encouraged the firm to alert the authorities.

GeoResonance’s clients mainly comprise mining companies searching for minerals, oil and gas hidden deep under ocean floors.

Asked if there had been any new interest in the firm’s services since the claim, Kursa told The Rakyat Post: “We have only received invitations to scientific conferences.”

As to possible questions raised about the impact of the claim on its business reputation, Kursa said: “We are busy doing survey projects.”

Touching further on the MH370 wreckage claim, he said: “There are people who tried to discredit our technology without having proper knowledge of what the company does.”

Having read that thus far only Bangladesh navy ships had gone to investigate the GeoResonance claims, he said: “As far as Bangladeshi Navy checking our findings, we firmly believe that our findings have not been checked at all.

“The media mentioned ‘three Bangladeshi ships scouring the Bay of Bengal’.  However, what does ‘scouring’ mean?

“We reported the precise location. Given the margin of error, the reported area size was only 500 sq metres! What was required is to send just one ship to the specified coordinates and check the location with a sonar.

“GeoResonance remains quietly confident on our reported finding in the Bay of Bengal.

“We are considering verifying the location ourselves. Two words to all the sceptics: ‘Test us!'”

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