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PUBLISHED: Apr 19, 2014 11:00pm

‘Smartphone size partially to blame for my Facebook fiasco’


Sean Augustin

Langkawi MP and KTM Berhad chairman Datuk Nawawi Ahmad (right) reiterated his apology tonight on the unwarranted remarks he had made on the death of Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh. — TRP pic by Sean Augustin

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By Sean Augustin


Datuk Nawawi Ahmad has blamed the screen size of his smartphone following his controversial Facebook posting on the late Karpal Singh.

The Langkawi Member of Parliament admitted that when he copied and pasted the pictures of the accident scene and Karpal’s bloodied face, he had not seen the entire picture as his smartphone screen was “small”.

It was only when he arrived home and checked his Facebook account on his computer that he discovered how “bad” the pictures were.

“Then I realised that what I did was not right,” a very apologetic Nawawi told reporters tonight at a press conference at KL Sentral.

Netizens had over the past two days lambasted the KTM Berhad chairman after uploading the pictures of the late Gelugor MP along with the words “Siapa nak sambut cabaran Karpal, sila bagi nama” (Who wants to take up Karpal’s challenge, please give your names).

The sentence was in reference to Karpal’s famous “over my dead body” quote when opposing the setting up of an Islamic state and imposition of hudud.

The post has since been deleted and an apology has been posted in his account.

Asked what went through his mind when making such remarks on the social networking site, Nawawi explained that Karpal’s quote came to mind immediately after he was informed of the latter’s death and that he did not put much thought into the consequences of his statement.

As to why he did not apologise immediately, the first-time MP said that he did not expect his comment to go viral and that he was preoccupied with work.

The personal apology, Nawawi said, was made today as he had just returned from Sarawak.

“If possible, and if I get the opportunity, I will also apologise personally to his (Karpal’s) family,” he said.

Earlier, Nawawi said he took full responsibility for what had happened although there were a few people who helped him update his Facebook account.

“After some harrowing days and nights of thinking, I have reached the conclusion that what I did was unethical or unacceptable by the public at large and I truly regret doing so,” he said, adding that it was unbecoming as an MP.

He went on to praise Karpal as one of the best lawyers in the country and among the well-respected MPs.

In declaring that Karpal was a tremendous loss to all Malaysians, Nawawi said the Tiger of Jelutong was a “man of principle, integrity and courage”.

Nawawi also said he felt terrible over what he had done and promised to be more careful in posting Facebook updates in the future.



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