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PUBLISHED: Jan 16, 2014 2:00pm

MIC Youth to send special report on Indians to PM’s Office

Picture Caption MIC youth chief C. Sivaraajh says a task force will be established to determine the future of the Indian Malaysians.

K. Harinderan

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KUALA LUMPUR – MIC Youth will embark on strategies to engage more professionals, the middle class and university students. Party Youth chief C. Sivaraajh, in a statement said: “An Immediate task force will be established as we need Indian youths to determine the future of the community and their future. They are a vital force within the community that needs to be consulted and engaged in order to develop strategies in empowering the Indian community.”

Sivaraajh says MIC youth will embark on various efforts in line with this aim, including holding a convention on empowering Indians economically specifically targeting professionals and young graduates and the setting up of the My Indian Youth Consultative Council (MIYCC) to act as a think tank for the community.

The wing will also arrange special lab and town hall meetings to meet professionals nationwide from March. These will provide a basis for a special report to be submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office, which will highlight the needs of the youths to work in line with the government’s objectives.

Sivaraajh said the objective is for them to feel included and build their trust towards the party, which will result in strong support for Barisan National. In another development, some 10,000 youths have pledged to remove obstacles which hinder the development of the Indian community nationwide.

The fledgling movement, comprising of young professionals and graduates, has vowed to solve the community’s plight together with party leaders. A prominent leader, an initiator of the group, told The Rakyat Post that there had been tremendous growth in its support.

This was based on the fact that more young leaders had joined its ranks. “Our aspirations for the community and MIC were shared by many youths in the Klang Valley and this had spread like wildfire across the nation,” said the leader, who wanted to remain anonymous until discussions were held with MIC’s supremo.

He said the non-political body was maintaining a low profile and was looking forward to meet MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel within weeks to discuss the collaboration. The leader is geared to present a report to Palinivel on how to develop MIC during the meeting.

Sources confirmed that the movement, led by a “prominent young leader”, had mass appeal for youths and gained momentum within record time. Another party stalwart, who declined to be named, said the new three-year-term MIC leadership had charted much-needed plans for the community to overcome its problems.

“The issue now is whether the leaders view the movement as a welcome means to implement change or as a threat,” he said.

He drew reference to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s opening address during the party’s annual general meeting in November last year in which Najib challenged the leadership to prove that they had taken all measures to improve the community and had applied the financial aid given effectively before any further aid was to be disbursed.

Newly-elected vice presidents Datuk S. Sothinathan and Datuk S. Balakrishnan have also lauded the move. Sothinathan, who is also Negeri Sembilan MIC chairman, said that youths were always an important force, while, Balakrishnan, the Johor chief, said the collaboration “should be welcomed as the youths are the future voters”.



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