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PUBLISHED: Mar 24, 2015 1:24pm

Still no end to Volkswagen CC keyless entry problem


T. Yogendra

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A VOLKSWAGEN CC has been sitting in a workshop for almost 4 months for a keyless entry system and still has no solution.

The owner, a top executive in the capital market, is at her wits’ end as mechanics do not have a plausible solution, and neither do they provide proper explanation.

No doubt she has been given a Sharan as a courtesy car but their silence towards her problems is just making things even worse.

“Instead of driving a nice coupe, I’ve been driving a replacement Sharan MPV for almost 4 months. That’s a quarter of a year! That and plus not less than 8 visits to the service centre and more than 2 years of driving a defective car,” she said.

She first took her car to the Jalan 222 service centre in early December to get this problem, which she believes is a minor problem as opposed to other more serious engineering issues.

“The only thing worse is the service and attitude I am getting from the people. I am being treated like I have the plague. Whenever I call, suddenly everybody at the service centre is either not around or otherwise engaged. And when they say they will call back, they never do,” she added.

In her letter to Volkswagen Group Malaysia managing director Armin Keller, she has demanded to get her car back by April 1 in tip top condition or else she is making a formal complaint to the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry.

“If the car cannot be ready by April 1, then I do not want that car back any more. You take it back, and compensate me properly. It is only fair, don’t you think?” she added.

When contacted, Volkswagen Group Malaysia responded with, “we are checking with the customer care team and waiting for their reply”.

Until now, there has been no response to this complaint.

A problem such as the keyless entry system should have been an ease for all those “flying doctors” from Germany but perhaps it is something too small to be given the proper attention.

And the fact that Volkswagen Group Malaysia had come out in the open recently and promised Malaysians that it would seriously look into customers’ woes should have resolved such issues.

Maybe a trip to the ministry may be a good idea after all.



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