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PUBLISHED: Nov 30, 2015 12:15pm

Malaysian produces cartoons your boss wants you to watch


Sean Augustin

Dinesh Rudra's loosely animated videos proves to be a greater communicator within a business organisation. — Light Animations pic

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DINESH Rudra was an Internal Communications Manager with a large accounting firm in Melbourne in 2012 when the company decided to run an internal campaign on fundamentals of business development.

The initial suggested approach was to have one of the partners of the firm – with over 2,000 employees – do a seven-minute ‘talking head’ video.

Dinesh, 37, knew straight away the idea was not going to work.

The father of two, originally from Petaling Jaya reasoned that there was “no way” one was going to click on a video to listen to one of the partners talk about business development for seven minutes.

“So, without overthinking it, I pitched an idea to my manager. I told her I would write a lighthearted script and produce an animated video that would clearly cover the fundamentals of business development.

“I promised her that it would definitely be something people would click and watch till the end,” he told The Rakyat Post, adding all he needed was AUS$1,000 to purchase the software, a graphics tablet and some time.

Within just a week after releasing the video – which he modestly admits was ‘amateurish’ – it garnered over 1,500 views Australia-wide.

In contrast, live videos of individuals talking, he claims, would typically receive at the most 300 to 350 views. This on the other hand, also attracted member firms in other countries, including the United States requesting a copy of the video to use in a training session they were running.

Little did Dinesh know, that his pitch for a video – which he admits was based on a hunch he sold to his unsuspecting boss – was the genesis of Light Animations.

The success of the animated short was also a “huge sign” for Dinesh. After his contract with the firm ended, soon after the birth of his second child, he decided to launch his company and cater to internal communication needs of other medium to large organisations.

So he built a simple site and registered his business.

“Three days later, we had our very first client.”

Light Animations , which he runs in Melbourne, with the aid of a handful of staff – based both inside and outside of Australia – helps organisations communicate change and engage employees more effectively via short animated videos.

His company also produces supporting visual communication materials including presentation designs, infographics and intranet imagery illustrations.

The animated videos that Dinesh and his team work on generally run between 90 – 120 seconds, which is a selling point considering corporate employees rarely have time to watch long videos.

One, he said, would be surprised how much info can be conveyed visually in 90 seconds.

There is also an opportunity, Dinesh adds, for humour to be peppered in some of the drier topics his clients want to highlight.

“Imagine you have changes to a policy that you need to announce internally. A video with characters and a relevant but entertaining story covering the key changes in the policy is far more interesting than reading a five paragraph email.”

A cartoon aficionado, Dinesh explains that it is easy to explain or simplify concepts visually, and with the advanced animation software these days, there is practically no limit to what one can produce.

“If you can imagine it, you can produce it.”



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