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PUBLISHED: Nov 7, 2014 2:15pm

‘Halal’ whiskey will be available at UK supermarket shelves soon


R.s Kamini

A US-based company has produced halal alcohol-free whiskey. — Pic courtesy of ArKay

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A HALAL, alcohol-free whiskey is expected to hit the supermarket shelves in the United Kingdom (UK) next month, according to a report by The Independent.

A United States (US)-based company, ArKay, produced the drink claiming that it looks and taste exactly like whiskey and would be suitable for those with medical conditions or religious beliefs that forbade alcohol.

Quoting ArKay’s president Sylvie Grattagliano, The Al-Arabiya News reports that the company has produced at least 13 non-alcoholic limoncello, tequila, rum and gin versions.

The latest “whiskey” however, has irked the Scotch Whisky Association that accused ArKay of trying to capitalise on the drink’s reputation.

“Scotch Whisky Association does not have any jurisdiction over soft drinks, they can only oversee the liquor makers, and not the soft drink makers,” Grattagliano tells Al Arabiya News.

Grattagliano adds that they are not pretending to make real whiskey or scotch but their intention is to help people with severe drinking problems stay away from hard liquors.

The drink would probably hit the shelves at a starting price of £10 (RM53)



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