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PUBLISHED: Dec 9, 2015 5:00pm

Best Laksa in Melaka


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Baba Low's laksa worth a trip to Melaka.— Pic courtesy of Food Advisor

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A fruit of Malay and Chinese descent, laksa is a noodle dish by the Peranakans and is also a heritage Malaysian food. This dish has many variations as recipes were spread differently while some others have created their own. Either way, each and every Malaysian laksa is highly appreciated and cherished by both locals and tourists (unless you can’t take the spiciness that comes with it). So be sure to check out these top favourites in the heritage state of Malacca!

486 Baba Low

Away from the hustling city, 486 Baba Low is a humble restaurant-stall along the streets in Jalan Siantan Sek 2 (behind Jalan Tengkera). The place may be difficult to locate for non-locals but we reckon it will be worth your trip. Many have raved and rumbled about how authentic the Nyonya food is here. Humble and wholesome, the laksa is said to be fragrant and spicy. Also, the sambal is made fresh daily and cooked to perfection to accompany your Nyonya dishes.

TIPS: There’s a branch in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur too.

THINGS TO EXPECT: Nasi lemak, laksa, cendol, popiah, and pie tee.

BEST WITH: Nyonya Laksa.

PRICE: RM5.00 to RM9.00

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Calanthe Cafe's laksa.— Pic courtesy of Food Advisor
Calanthe Art Cafe’s laksa.— Pic courtesy of Food Advisor

Calanthe Art Cafe

Beating stereotypes, Calanthe Art Cafe serves one of the very best laksas despite being a proper cafe. We can not deny that there are continuing speculations that Malaysian dishes are best at traditionally born Malaysian restaurants in stead of modern cafes. However, many have come to recognize the authenticity and palatability of the nyonya laksa at Calanthe’s! It may not be as affordable as the laksas at hawker stalls but we say it is worth the price as you can definitely expect a more hygienic experience in the cafe.

TIPS: Don’t forget to try their 13 states of Malaysia’s coffees!

THINGS TO EXPECT: Good vibes only!

BEST WITH: Nyonya Laksa.

PRICE: RM10 to RM12

More info:

Jonker 88
Give the assam laksa at Jonker 88 a try.— Pic courtesy of Food Advisor

Jonker 88

For something different besides Malacca’s famous Nyonya rendition of the laksa, at Jonker 88, expect to find the best assam laksa within the area. As the stall is located in the tourist area of Jonker Street, you bet the crowds are endlessly pouring in. If you’re willing to wait, this place is a must-try! Assam laksa is difficult to encounter in Malacca so if you’re looking for Penang’s take of the laksa, this is definitely the place for you!

TIPS: Wash your meal down with a bowl of dessert from the other stall!

THINGS TO EXPECT: A ‘happy’ meal!

BEST WITH: Asam laksa.


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Yung Lai Siang's bowl of laksa.— Pic courtesy of Food Advisor
Yung Lai Siang’s bowl of laksa.— Pic courtesy of Food Advisor

Yung Lai Siang

At Yung Lai Siang, you can expect friendly service despite huge crowds that may overwhelm the sellers (or so they say). The notable difference between the nyonya laksa here is Yung Lai Siang’s unique take on that prawn cracker topping! Garnished with generous portions of your essential laksa toppings, Yung Lai Siang adds their own ingredient of prawn crackers to add that crunch into your dish. And we must say that we absolutely love it just as much as many others do!

TIPS: Also famous for prawn mee!

THINGS TO EXPECT: Your new favourite place for spicy soup noodles.

BEST WITH: Nyonya laksa, prawn mee.


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Get the homecooked taste from Nyonya Delight's offering.— Pic courtesy of Food Advisor
Get the homecooked taste from Nyonya Delight’s offering.— Pic courtesy of Food Advisor

Nyonya Delight Homestyle

Quite a distance away from town, Nyonya Delight Homestyle is a family-run restaurant that is not to be missed out if you are willing to travel a little further. The Nyonya food here, which includes the delicious asam laksa, lives up to its name as it is  ‘homecooked’ and very wholesome. This place is undoubtedly one of the better Nyonya restaurants in Malacca with reasonable prices. As a result, crowds are not any much of a surprise despite the restaurant’s location at the outskirts.

TIPS: The restaurant is located in a kampong style house.

THINGS TO EXPECT: Wholesome nyonya delights.

BEST WITH: Nyonya laksa, cendol, lontong. and kueh


More info:

Jeta Groves
Eat Jeta Groves’ laksa with a bowl of ‘cendol’.— Pic courtesy of Food Advisor

Jeta Groves Nyonya Delights

Jeta Groves Restaurant is a lovely, casual and simple hangout place where you can enjoy some Peranakan delights. As we know, laksa is a classic Nyonya food and therefore you can expect to get an authentic one here! The dish is tasty, flavourful and memorable. Finish off with their famous dessert, a delicious bowl of cendol!

TIPS: The durian cendol here is said to be the BEST in Malacca!

THINGS TO EXPECT: Typical Malaysian kopitiam design.

BEST WITH: Durian cendol.


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