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PUBLISHED: Oct 15, 2015 4:00pm

Recommended coffee places in Shah Alam

Cups of coffee with smoke and coffee beans on old wooden background


A good cuppa keeps you fuelled in today's fast-paced, demanding world (illustration pic only). — Bigstock pic

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EVERYONE needs fuel to drive themselves through the day. Coffee is definitely a global favourite. The average Malaysian drinks almost 3 cups of caffeinated beverages a day. Be it a strong, robust, and acidic Long Black or the mellow, milky, and sweet Latte, everyone deserves a good cup of coffee. Here are some recommended coffee places in Shah Alam, all ready to serve your daily dose of caffeine needs.

Comma Café

Comma Café
Comma Cafe. — Food Advisor pic

Nothing beats a complete package of serenity and a good cup of coffee on any day. Comma Café provides an excellent refuge from a hectic schedule; and by brewing a cup of your favourite caffeinated drink just adds so much more to the enjoyment. Coffee lovers will dig the light bodied Long Black, while the uninitiated will relish their Mocha and Green Tea Lattes.

Tips: The café is located on 2nd floor

Things to Expect: A cosy place to hangout.

Best With: Signature Brownies

Price: RM10 – RM20

For info:

Brew & Bread

— Food Advisor pic
Brew & Bread. — Food Advisor pic

With the coffee bar manned by adept baristas, you will hardly see the beginning of disappointment. Every cup of coffee consists of premium beans from Brazil and Indonesia roasted in-house, to ensure you get the quality you deserve. Top that off with the skilful handling of the espresso machine and what you have in your hands is perfection. Coffee connoisseurs will love this place for their daily dose of an aromatic brew.

Tips: Coffee beans are available for sale

Things to Expect: Good coffee & Comfort food

Best With: Eggs Waldorf, Jamaican Chicken Sandwich

Price: RM10 – RM20

For info:

Grandeur Gallery

— Food Advisor pic
Grandeur Gallery. — Food Advisor pic

With a magnificent interior exuding vibes that match its namesake, customers will surely feel right where they belong. But the puzzle isn’t really complete without a good cuppa to help you survive until dusk. Grandeur Gallery will have you returning for their coffee with their superbly brewed cup of Arabica beans. If you’re not a fan of the classic black, Grandeur Gallery has taken the initiative to whip up a Caramel Latte, just to please those with a sweet tooth.

Tips: Breakfast is only available on weekends

Things to Expect: Warm and relaxing café with great food.

Best With: The Grand Brekkie, Pork Chop Burger

Price: RM10 – RM20

For info:

Chemistry Café + Lab

— Food Advisor pic
Chemistry Cafe + Lab. — Food Advisor pic

This quirky café is equipped with lab equipment and decorations to go with their laboratory theme. This means you will be served in apparatus as well. Their signature caffeinated beverage would be the Bomb Chiller – a conical flask filled with a concoction of Ice Blended Mocha, while the Lady Boss is a cup of Macadamia Latte. Any coffee fan will enjoy the novelty of a fun rendition of their favourite drinks once in a while.

Tips: Check their Facebook page for latest updates

Things to Expect: Novelty, fun environment.

Best With: Bomb Chiller, Chicken Pie

Price: RM10 – RM20

For info:


Iggo Cafe. — Food Advisor pic

Apart from a delicious dining menu, Iggo’s also a haven for coffee lovers with their meticulous brew of beverages. It’s not often you get to watch passionate baristas whip up that perfect cuppa. Contributing to that perfection is the Australian roasted beans that gives you a good dose of full-bodied and rich nutty coffee in your cup. Coffee lovers will definitely relish the experience here.

Tips: Try and avoid peak hours as the café might be full

Things to Expect: Comfortable and relaxing environment

Best With: Mushroom Aglio Olio, Lamb Shank Risotto

Price: RM10 – RM20

For info:

Sips & Bites

— Food Advisor pic
Sips & Bites. — Food Advisor pic

Sips & Bites clearly suggests that you can have a great cup of coffee anytime of the day here.  With a vibrant and naturally lit environment, there’s never a bad time to quench your addiction for caffeine. Their caffeinated drinks contains mellow nutty notes and acidity that lingers on the palate with each sip. This mildly skewed coffee proves to be suitable for all kinds of coffee drinkers out there.

Tips: All-day breakfast available.

Things to Expect: Vibrant and bright ambience.

Best With: Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon

Price: RM10 – RM20

For info:

*Source: Food Advisor Malaysia



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