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PUBLISHED: Sep 30, 2015 4:48pm

Best Roti Canai in KL

Roti canai flat bread Indian food made from wheat flour dough. Famous malaysian dish Roti canai and curry.


Roti Canai is as much a local favourite as Nasi Lemak and one of the most economical options around. — Bigstock pic

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NASI Lemak may own the coveted title as Malaysia’s national dish, but we at Food Advisor are willing to bet that its closest contender would be roti canai. We have yet to hear someone say they truly hate roti canai. It’s undeniable that a majority of Malaysians love a good plate of hearty, fluffy and crispy flat bread. Granted, it’s not the healthiest option — what more with all the oil and carb overload — but most of us love it to death, especially because it’s very gentle on our pockets. Here’s a list of some of the best roti canai we’ve had around the city.

Lan Roti Canai

Lan Roti Canai. — Pic by Food Advisor
Lan Roti Canai. — Pic by Food Advisor

Those in Bangsar will be familiar with Lan Roti Canai. Its common knowledge that roti canai is a mamak specialty but Lan Roti Canai makes them just as good, if not better. They’ve been operating for 32 years and is still popular. The concept of self-service applies as customers are expected to grab their own roti and scoop the preferred amount of dhall curry. If you want to order something other than the usual plain roti, the waiters are ready to take orders. The roti here is soft and the dhall is superbly thick and creamy.

Tips: Since Lan is located near a low-cost housing area, parking is extremely difficult and you might want to double park and leave your handbrakes free so residents can push your car to remove their.

Things to Expect: Lots of office workers in formal attire having their breakfast/lunch here.

Best With: Their very creamy and thick dhall.

Price: RM1 – RM3

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123 Corner

123 Corner special. — Pic by Food Advisor
123 Corner special. — Pic by Food Advisor

Being one of the more popular stalls at the edge of Kampung Sungai Penchala, 123 Corner is where people from the village and even the neighbouring TTDI come together for their breakfast fill. Roti Canai here is popular choice for breakfast and at times, lunch. Super soft on the inside and flaky on the outside, roti canai recipe at this place has apparently been in the family for generations.

Tips: Come on Fridays and you will get free bananas!

Things to Expect: Being surrounded by old village folks in the morning and listening to their chitchat about village activities.

Best With: If you’re still hungry, have some of their lontong. Or good ol’ teh tarik.

Price: RM1.20 – RM3

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Restoran Pak Hassan Kampung Baru

Pak Hassan. — Pic by Food Advisor
Roti Canai from Restoran Pak Hassan Kampung Baru. — Pic by Food Advisor

Lying smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur is this humble stall serving only nasi lemak and roti canai. Food prices remain low despite the location. A plain roti canai and a glass of tea will only set you back by about RM2. However, only three variations of roti canai are served here: plain, roti telur, and roti sardine and they’re all prepared fresh. Unlike other restaurants, Pak Hassan only serves chicken feet curry for gravy. Tourists may not find the idea of chicken feet in a small bowl very appetising but it is truly an Asian dish. Customers are free to scoop the gravy from a steel pot, according to their liking.

Tips: If you’re coming here for lunch, parking will be difficult as the stall is situated close to DBKL’s office so you may end up with a parking ticket if you’re not alert.

Things to Expect: Affordable prices and the place is always filled with university students.

Best With: Hot glass of Teh O

Price: RM1 – RM3

For more info:

Mansion Tea Stall

— Pic by Food Advisor
Meet Mansion Tea Stall’s Roti Canai Banjir Special. — Pic by Food Advisor

This restaurant (formerly known as Al-Amnah Restoran and rebranded as Selangor Mansion), located in the bustling streets of Masjid India, is popular for their huge hot delicious mess called Roti Canai Banjir Special. It’s special because of the addition of two half boiled eggs on top of two roti canai, drowned in thick dhall and spicy sambal. Don’t forget to add pepper and soy sauce if you don’t like plain half boiled eggs and be sure to mix them thoroughly. It does taste good.

Tips: Always mention that you want a hot plate of roti canai. Or they’ll serve a batch that were made earlier in the day.

Things to Expect: The place is not very conducive for lengthy conversations as seats are limited especially during the day. Otherwise, prepare to face angry fellow customers.

Best With: Their teh tarik is lauded for using a mixture of condensed and evaporated milk, resulting in a creamier glass of tea.

Price: RM1 – RM2.80

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Valentine Roti

— Pic by Food Advisor
Valentine Roti serves all kinds of roti canai variations. — Pic by Food Advisor

As the banner and sign hanging outside Valentine Roti reads, they do serve (what we think may just be one of the) “Best Roti Canai” in town, judging from the many accolades and polls they have won for that category in newspapers and websites. They serve almost every type of roti you can find in a typical mamak shop but there is their signature Valentine Roti, which is just like your average roti canai but with fillings of sardine, cabbage, onions and chives. Sounds like a pretty fulfilling meal on its own. The traditional roti canai served is worth every cent paid. The texture is so light and fluffy and the crust was super crispy. Valentine Roti definitely lives up to its self-proclaimed acclamation.

Tips: Try their Roti Potato if you’re feeling adventurous. It’s just like Roti Valentine but with thicker potato fillings.

Things to Expect: Grease-free roti canai!

Best With: A steaming glass of teh tarik.

Price: RM1.20 – RM4.50

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