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PUBLISHED: Sep 3, 2015 4:20pm

Pet-friendly cafes in KL



Pet-friendly cafes are only handful but some cafes go the extra mile to serve treats and have special menus or zones to celebrate special occasions with your pets (illustration pic only). — Shutterstock pic

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PET-FRIENDLY cafes are not as popular as we’d like them to be, given there are only a handful of eateries that wouldn’t mind having furry friends sharing space with their patrons. That said, most places that permit pets would usually allow them to be seated outside or in designated pet-friendly areas within the premise. There are also few places that’ll prepare treats for them as well. Here are some pet-friendly cafes that serve up pretty decent meals.

Hop Hop Café

— FoodAdvisor pic
Hop Hop has areas dedicated to host pet gatherings and birthday parties. — FoodAdvisor pic

Previously, this café would seat customers with pets outside in a human-sized fenced pen which gets uncomfortable at some point. The café has since been modified to have a better seating system with indoor and outdoor areas for patrons and ‘petrons’. They also have an area dedicated to host pet gatherings and birthday parties (RM150 for three hours). If you haven’t got a pooch, bring your pet bunny or guinea pig to mingle with the resident rabbits at the café!

Tips: You’re not allowed to bring food and drinks (or your dog!) into the rabbit room.

Things to Expect: Like humans, bunnies need rest too from their hard work of entertaining customers. Their designated rest times are 12pm – 1pm, 3pm – 4pm and 6pm – 7pm.

Best With: The Dog Bowl (fries topped with cheese and beef bacon/chicken ham served in a dog bowl). Other must-try dishes are Nutella Smores and Molten Nutella Lava Cake.

Price: RM10 – RM20

For info:


— FoodAdvisor pic
Marmalade allows patrons to seat their pets outside while they enjoy their meals. — FoodAdvisor pic

Marmalade thrives on fresh and wholesome ‘home cooked’ meals — from their salads right up to their signature carrot cake that’s unlike any other. There are indoor and outdoor areas for your preference. Your furry friends however, are only allowed outside.

Tips: If you’re bringing your pets along but worried about finding a seat outside, give them a call to make a reservation.

Things to Expect: Pets are only allowed to sit as designated area outside the café.

Best With: Their beef lasagna is said to be the best in town.

Price: RM10 – RM30

For info:

Lilo Art Café

— FoodAdvisor pic
Lilo Arts Cafe has a special menu for your pets. — FoodAdvisor pic

Inspired by Disney’s Lilo & Stitch movie, the Lilo Arts Café is full of artsy décor that customers can appreciate while having their meals. The good thing about this café is that it allows customers to bring their pets along with them into the café. The kitchen can also prepare special menu for our furry friends — a choice between the chicken and fish set (both RM9.90) — that contains pumpkin and carrot bits, topped with parmesan cheese and parsley. They don’t use any seasonings or artificial flavourings that would be harmful to your pets.

Tips: Enjoy the live band performance every Tuesday night!

Things to Expect: A tight space, so seats are limited.

Best With: Try their Tom Yum Fried Rice and Tuna Sandwich.

Price: RM10 – RM20

For info:

Fat Spoon

— FoodAdvisor pic
Fat Spoon gives the whole old Penang or Malacca cafe ambiance.— FoodAdvisor pic

Those who love Baba Nyonya inspired decors would love Fat Spoon. The ambience resembles cafes from old Penang and Malacca. The café is listed ‘halal’ with designated areas to sit patrons with pets.

Tips: Same row as Wondermilk Cupcakes and The Good Batch.

Things to Expect: Cash payment only; trying to find a parking is almost impossible.

Best With: Try their Cempedak Spring Roll with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Price: RM10 – RM25

For info:

Kalamazoo Cafe

Kalamazoo is set up by two Malaysian graduates from Michigan who wanted to relive their college days back in the town. — FoodAdvisor pic

This restaurant and café is the brainchild of two Malaysian graduates from Michigan who decided to relive their college days back in the town of Kalamazoo. Serving Western food at an affordable price, Kalamazoo’s bestsellers are the Alabama BBQ Ribs, KZOO Ultimatum Burger and Chicken Ham Aglio Olio. To be frank, most of these dishes here look like they could have been made at home, but that’s also a good enough reason for people to feel comfortable dining here. However, if your main focus is to spend some time with your beloved animals and perhaps meet new ones, you won’t be disappointed.

Tips: Located next to Betty’s Midwest Kitchen facing the NKVE.

Things to Expect: As great as it is for Kalamazoo to allow pets in their vicinity, pet owners are strongly advised to adhere to the regulations they have prepared.

Best With: Alabama BBQ Ribs.

Price: RM10 – RM30

For info:


— FoodAdvisor pic
Wanderlust has an external seating space for patrons with pets.— FoodAdvisor pic

Previously known as Departure Lounge, the founders have revamped everything from their menu interior (and exterior). Reason being, they wanted to serve more than just great coffee hence, the birth of Wanderlust. As with most eateries, patrons with their pets are only allowed to dine outside.

Tips: Wanderlust offers an affordable lunch special that differs monthly.

Things to Expect: Some may find it a little uncomfortable outdoors.

Best With: Simply known as Baby Spinach, this dish comes with green apple, raisins and goji, dressed with orange vinaigrette and topped with a fried poached egg.

Price: RM10 – RM35

For info:

The Red Beanbag

— FoodAdvisor pic
The Red Beanbag is pet-friendly to a certain extent.— FoodAdvisor pic

The best thing about this place is that your furry friends are able to dine with you. They are only allowed outside of the café, but the seating outside is shaded and comfortable. Your pet might be a little distracted with the people walking about so do keep them on a leash the whole time in case they decide to wander off to another table.

Tips: Ask the friendly staff for a treat and water bowl to give your dog while you eat.

Things to Expect: Dogs are not allowed on the seat with you.

Best With: Try their baked eggs

Price: RM10 – RM35

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