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PUBLISHED: Aug 19, 2015 5:00pm • UPDATED: Aug 22, 2015 04:08pm

Best Cafes in Penang

— FoodAdvisor pic

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Mews Cafe in Penang (picture). Cafes are becoming increasingly popular among the younger crowd. These list of cafes in Penang is a must-try when visiting the state. — FoodAdvisor pic

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PENANG, as we know it, is a melting pot of cultures and a heaven for food enthusiasts all over. This week, Food Advisor checked out cafes that are becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation. With so many delicious food options – pastas, sandwiches, cakes, coffee, and breakfast meals – and not to mention Instagram-friendly interiors, one could be spoilt for choice. Here’s a list of trip-worthy cafes at our friendly northern state.


Mews Cafe

— FoodAdvisor pic
Mews Cafe has an interesting blend of contemporary and antique setting. — FoodAdvisor pic

Adjacent to the entrance of Muntri Mews Boutique Hotel, Mews Cafe is the perfect anchor-point for many locals and tourists before checking-in. The fusion concept hotel is designed and executed beautifully with a blend of contemporary and antique fittings. Mews Cafe reflects on the same identity. With a clean and monochromatic outlook coupled with traditional marble table and an extensive menu of local and western delights, this cafe is certainly one of its kind!

Tips: Breakfast set available.

Things to Expect: A monochromatic cafe with a blend of traditional and contemporary design.

Best With: Traditional coffee.

Price: RM7 – RM25

For info:

Budan’s Brew Coffeebar

— FoodAdvisor pic
Budan’s Brew Coffeebar captivates with their aromatic coffee scent from afar. — FoodAdvisor pic

Located at Argus Lane, in Georgetown, Budan’s Brew Coffeebar is undeniably alluring with its cozy ambiance and relaxing atmosphere. Get captivated by the scent of aromatic coffee along with a view of simple but delectable snacks and pastries. Feeling really hungry? Budan’s Brew Coffeebar also offers a variety of homemade baked breads and several main courses such as big breakfast and sandwiches!

Tips: Member day is on Wednesdays. Promotion varies monthly.

Things to Expect: A modern cafe with a strong coffee aroma permeating the dining area.

Best With: Specialty coffee and cakes.

Price: RM6 – RM15

For info:

Macallum Connoisseur

— FoodAdvisor pic
Macallum Connoisseur’s modern and edgy setting sets it apart from other cafes. — FoodAdvisor pic

Macallum Connoisseur is certainly one of the more beautiful, modern and edgy cafes in Penang. From a far, the entrance of Macallum Connoisseur actually looks ‘foreign’, like what you’ll get at hotspots in Australia or the US. With a huge signboard right above the entrance, it’s hard to miss it. The cafe itself is inside a huge warehouse, with plenty of seating and a central island for ordering. Fortunately, the place itself is air-conditioned and quite comfortable. Paired with a cup of aromatic coffee and some of their amazing mains, guests will definitely enjoy themselves at Macallum connoisseur.

Tips: Great place to take some photos. Remember to Instagram it.

Things to Expect: A unique dining concept

Best With: Coffee and bagels.

Price: RM6 – RM20

For info:


DCOVA @ Logan Heritage

— FoodAdvisor pic
DCOVA presents an interesting east meets west ambiance. — FoodAdvisor pic

Having attained heritage city status, there are bound to be cafes that feature an ideal balance of heritage preservation and modern refurbishment and you’ll get just this at DCOVA. From the outside, it looks as if it was built in London or France and on the inside you’ll find sumptuous fusion food with a twist. Drop by and enjoy delicious meals in a timeless ambiance!

Tips: Limited seats.

Things to Expect: A Victorian-English outlook with good food and a luxurious ambience.

Best With: Carbonara, Affogato, and Ebiko Alfredo.

Price: RM5 – RM30

For info:

The Living Room

The Living Room @ Macalister Mansion paints a picture of luxury. — FoodAdvisor pic
The Living Room @ Macalister Mansion paints a picture of luxury. — FoodAdvisor pic

If you’re looking for that extravagant cafe for a photo-shoot, then head on to The Living Room @ Macalister Mansion! You see, the fact that it is operated within a mansion is enough to paint a picture of luxury. And speaking of painting, the abstract wall drawings, modern-classic interior design and carved plasters certainly set the mood when you dine with your beautifully presented breakfast meal.

Tips: Functions and event can be held there through reservations.

Things to Expect: Beautiful looking and luxurious interior, great food and friendly service.

Best With: Brioche with Truffle Oil Scrambled Egg, English Muffin, High-Tea and Cappuccino

Price: RM10 – RM40

For info:

The Haven Harbour Cafe

— FoodAdvisor pic
Haven Harbour’s rustic features makes it unique. — FoodAdvisor pic

Conveniently located at the end lot of a newly refurbished Chime Heritage and right behind Giant, this cafe has become a popular haven for diners. It’s fairly clean and rustic and features an array of carefully crafted and well-cooked fine cuisine. Its not only pretty to look at but affordable too!

Tips: There’s Wifi available.

Things to Expect: A beautiful corner lot cafe with plenty of good food and friendly service.

Best With: Coffee, Italian job, garlic white wine pasta, creme-saltamel and chocolate lava cake.

Price: RM6 – RM35

For info:

The Daily Dose Cafe

— FoodAdvisor pic
The Daily Dose & Wine is well received for their amazing coffee. — FoodAdvisor pic

The Daily Dose Cafe & Wine has been extremely well received for their amazing coffees. Each cup of coffee is rich, aromatic and relatively smooth. The decor itself is also equally praiseworthy – you’ll certainly be amazed by the central courtyard with a beautiful garden and natural skylight. Overall, it’s a vibrant and expressive place to enjoy drinking with your likeminded buddies.

Tips: Very limited dishes.

Things to Expect: A cafe with naturally lit skylight in the central atrium.

Best With: Coffee, French toast, house of BLT and tiramisu.

Price: RM5 – RM25

For info:

The Alley @ Stewart Lane

— FoodAdvisor pic
Although it isn’t easy to locate, this cafe is a popular hangout joint among the locals for its yummylicious dishes. — FoodAdvisor pic

This cafe isn’t the easiest to spot (well, we guessed that’s why it’s called “The Alley”). Located right in front of a Chinese Kuan Yin temple in discrete, this rustic cafe has become a buzzing place for the locals despite its concealed location, and we can certainly guess why. Not only is this cozy place filled with cool props for Instagram or selfie lovers, the food and dishes are exceptionally yummy too. Go try out their signature churros!

Tips: Check out their Facebook page for new entries and promotions. No 6% GST as well.

Things to Expect: A cosy and rustic ambiance perfect for a hangout.

Best With: Coffee, Cronut and Churros.

Price: RM6 – RM25

For info:

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