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PUBLISHED: May 14, 2017 4:29pm

Quirky iZombie’s ready to unleash fun with mid-season twist



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KUALA LUMPUR, 14 May 2017: 

For long-time fans of horror comedy series iZombie – which had many captivated by the sharp wit of the main characters and rather over-the-top machinations to keep secrets during the first two seasons – the latest season has been relatively tame so far with the first six episodes.

But that is about to change from next Wednesday on Warner TV HD – with the episode broadcast on the same US airing day – via Astro channel 719 or HyppTV channel 613, due to main villain Blaine deBeers’s confession about his amnesia that began late in the previous season.

What makes iZombie rather quirky is how unveiling one secret often leads to several more mysteries – this was a formula which had been used to great comedic effect in its earlier seasons but had been largely missing this year as all the key protagonists are now aware lead character Liv Moore is a zombie.

The seemingly scattershot developments over the episodes had been especially jarring this year without a central theme and it would be welcome if the latest mystery over the zombie cure becomes such a core to weave all the earlier episodes around, instead of collapsing into a hot mess.

So far, the big reveal of Fillmore Grave Enterprises – a private military contractor who took care of the zombie riot fuelled by Max Rager’s ‘energy drink’ – has been rather stagnant. Blaine’s dad being revived and starting a new brain supply business has also been a largely peripheral story.

With seven more episodes left for the current third season, the producers promise the story pace will now pick up rapidly and led to a cliff-hanger that will play out next year as the series has just been renewed.



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