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PUBLISHED: May 7, 2017 1:40pm

Man walking around the world arrives in Malaysia



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JOHOR BAHRU, 7 May 2017: 

A journey that began almost three years ago for Meigo Märk, 27 – from a small country called Estonia in Northern Europe – has now brought him to Malaysia.

He is travelling around the world by walking – aiming to complete a minimum distance of planet Earth’s Equator – 40,075km – in nine to 10 years.

Mark said he does not use any cars, buses, trains, motorbikes or bicycles – he travels only on foot and sometimes using ships and planes to cross the oceans and the seas.

He entered Malaysia from Singapore yesterday and Malaysia is country number 21 of his walking tour.

Malaysia will be the very first country where Märk plans to walk a full circle. His route here in Malaysia will be around 1,700km long and he hopes to complete it in two-an-a-half months.

Märk started his long walk around the world on 11 May 2014 from Tallinn city – the capital of Estonia. In almost three years, he has already walked over 15,330km in 20 countries.

During his journey, he has walked in different climates and met some other challenges. In February 2015, he was walking and camping in the snow for many weeks in the hills of Turkey – where the temperature fell as low as minus 17 degrees Celsius.

In Iran and in India, he crossed some desert areas where temperatures rose as high as 42 degrees Celsius.

“I have experienced two dog attacks and in three years, I have already used up 16 pairs of shoes.”

He has also been sleeping in over 170 homes together with the local families. Märk believes that being inside a local home together with a local family is one of the most special and most interesting experience that can happen to any traveller!

Every day, he takes a lot of photograph​s and short documentary videos of local people, nature and about his walking. He also records and collects local songs and music and real life true stories from local people’s lives.

Mark has visited many schools and universities and has shared his experiences, inspirational stories and positive messages with thousands of students in many different countries.

Once he completes his walking tour around the world, he plans to write an interesting book about his experiences and feature true stories he has collected around the world.

For Märk, the walking lifestyle feels the best and the right way to live his life now. He feels that it really helps him to become better, happier, stronger and more rich as a human being.

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